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Charlton Fans Views On Ricky Holmes


“Well, we have underachieved (again) so can’t really blame him. He was obviously told we were going to be challenging for top 2 and we’re currently struggling to finish 6th.
Typical Charlton – mid table beckons”

“One of the few players in recent years I’ve really taken to.
When (seems pointless bothering with the ‘if’) he goes that will be a resounding admission that the season is over.
Ricky will always get a loud cheer and clap from me if and when he returns as a member of the opposition.”

“He’s been by far an away a great player for us, not only his goals and skill but he puts a shift in.”

“3 opposition players on him every game as he is the only threat currently”

“Thanks for the memories Ricky, you Duracell Battery Boy you, scored some cracking worldies the last for me away at Oldham this season and the hat trick at Shrewsbury last. The clock is ticking down on your career and with injuries, a dip in form and fresh challenges needed I understand your desire to move away from this basket case of a club. Good luck for the future.”

“A hand in 13 goals out of the 33 so far. Scored six and seven assists”

“Its been a stop start season for Ricky and the rest of the team yet again because of the lack of depth we have in the squad. One minute he is playing with decent players the next shit players, or unfit players.
I love on here whenever we are about to sell one of our better players they are now shit or they were never committed.”

“Our most effective player by a country mile”

“Only decent player at the club. Country mile above the rest and would hack it in the Championship when not surrounded by dross.”

“that’s confirmation for me we’ve given up on realistically aiming for top six. He may have been below his best the past couple of months but he’s the one attacking player we have who can beat a man and create something”

“bye bye Ricky = bye bye faint play off hopes”

“He was sensational last season and early this season. He is obviously good enough for the Championship.”

“Only decent footballer we have in a different class to Fosu, Foster-Caskey and the rest. If he does go that will be the end of this season. His form is being dragged down by playing with some who don’t put in the shift he puts in.”

“He may have been off-form and is clearly suffering from sides doubling up on him with no other attacking threat currently but I didn’t see any lack of effort in the Posh game (last one I attended). He destroyed their right-back in the first-half and created several good chances which Magennis, Marshall, Best flunked then his refusal to give up in the last ten minutes got us that unlikely point”

“If Ricky goes and no replacement comes in then I expect Gobbinson to walk.”

“Easily one of our best players, but he has been toilet this season. Can’t blame him for wanting out, we sold him the promotion dream, which isn’t happening and he’s got limited miles on his clock to play Championship football.”

“start of the season he was playing very well and scoring, personally i don’t think he’s 100% fit, but he never hides and in my opinion is our hardest working player.”

“Holmes was good at the start of the season before he had a suspected broken foot which turned out to be severe bruising. He’s not played well since.”

“Maybe it might be a blessing in disguise if Ricky goes. If I am trying to spin a positive from this situation at least our football and attacking build up play wont be so obvious.”

“In a footballing sense there is no positive from Ricky Holmes going.”

“I like Ricky but he has been rancid this season, heart clearly isnt in it. Think he will be found out pretty quickly in the Champ.”

“Against flawed League 1 defenders Holmes can frighten them and earn chances by running at them, but he doesn’t bring others into the game enough to be effective at a higher level, (just my opinion). Week in week out I feel like I watch Holmes get gradually sussed out, as good as he is for us.
He can dribble, cross and shoot – which is more than most League 1 wingers… but in other circumstances getting a decent fee for him at 30 years old wouldn’t be awful.”

“He was scoring goals at the start of the season, but they have dried up and he looks an average League 1 player when the screamers aren’t going in. He’s a good runner with the ball, shoots well, and works hard for a winger – I don’t really buy into the idea he’s looked disinterested.
Probably suffering a bit from all the chopping and changing, stopping and starting going on with our season, but he’s not an especially creative player, has a tendency to try to do it on his own too much, and there is no denying he has not played particularly well for a few months now. I don’t, personally, think he will pull up any trees at Championship level, but you cant blame him for wanting to try at this stage of his career.”

“Ricky has had the benefit of scoring some headline goals; ‘Worldies’. Now there’s a fair amount of luck in smashing those in from 35 yards as any footballer will admit. Take away those goals and what have you got? Yes, he can get his head down and bomb down the wing, and cross the ball. And he does give 100%. In fact he can shoot given the chance.
But to me he’s a little bit of a one trick pony. Do you ever see him put his foot on the ball, look up and play a killer pass? Not often. He hardly ever even dummies a cross so he can cut back inside. He’s just a bit predictable, and the opposition has sussed him out, which has affected both Ricky and the side’s fortunes.
Yes, he’s one of our better players, but let’s not kid ourselves that he’s a premier league player, or even close to one. He probably deserves a chance to show what he can do in the Cchampionship, and if he makes it, with or without us, good luck to him.”

“his form has fallen off drastically in the last couple months. He hasn’t scored in 10 weeks, since AFCW on 28/10 (correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think he has), and he hasn’t scored from open play since Walsall in late September (I think, I’m pretty sure, correct either of those if needed).
He’s not exactly a passive observer in all of this. Yes injuries around him and the lack of another striker has almost certainly influenced his performances, but they haven’t been as good in recent weeks.
That said, I can understand him wanting to go. He’s ~30, and this is almost certainly his last big shot at a big pay day and maybe his last chance not only to play in the Championship, but maybe, if things keep going the way they’ve been going, a genuine shot at the Premier League so late in his career.”

“Holmes has been off form since October & hasn’t scored for months & his set pieces have been rubbish.
Sometimes I do wonder if players do this on purpose. He got anew contract in the summer so made some ££££ & then 3 months latter puts in sub-standard performances. The team then suffers, form dips & then he goes to the manager saying that the promotion push has stalled & wants to leave. Player benefits all round.
Not saying that I want him to leave as he is probably the most exciting player we have (Mavididi & Da Silva are up there but they are both loanees) and without him any attacking threat has gone.”

“he has underperformed,
I am not saying he should be winning games on his own, but it is not the same Ricky Holmes from last season”

“Slightly surprised Sheff Utd have come back for him. To me he’s lower Championship at best, his crossing, corners and indirect free kicks aren’t very good.”

“I’ll miss his amazing corner repartee.”

“Good riddance to him . He’s been making it clear for a long time that he wants to play in The Championship without actually showing he’s Championship class .
You can count on one hand the good games he has played this season
Enjoy getting splinters on Sheffield United’s bench.”

“He’s shit anyway/he has a negative influence in the dressing room/he sells crack to the youth teams
Take your pick of the above when he fucks off to help convince yourself this ship isn’t sinking.”

“The way players become “shit” at the first news of a transfer baffles me.”

View From Wednesday

Blades 0- O Owls


“10 man Wednesday reserves couldn’t be broken down by Chris ‘Pep Guardiola he’s one of our own’ Wilder’s Barcelona team. Their bubble has burst. 12 months and they’ll be catching pneumonia in our shadow again.”

“A full team out injured, down to 10 men, new manager one week in…and they still couldn’t score at home! Made me laugh that”

“why wouldnt we be bouncing. They couldnt beat 10 of our reserves”

“Bless. They were expecting to win 10-0 and we spoilt their party.”

“United failed to beat a 10 man, mostly reserve team.”

“Can’t beat our second string, which was down to 10 men for the best part of 30 minutes. They are shat. Well done Wednesday reserves.” “F*****g heroes  11 players out and 10 men Sheffield United you complete set of useless t*ssers”

“They were going to do the double weren’t they?  They are secretly gutted they haven’t” “

‘We can’t wait..’. Idiot.  Can’t wait to see Wilder eat those words.”

“CHRIS WILDER ON THE DERBY: ‘We can’t wait… I’m not so sure that’s the case with the opposition’  Loved it Chris.  All gob. They’ll be turning against him soon enough.”

“Bless them and their thick as pig poo manager. An absolute match made in heaven.” “Awe, them poor ickle piggies.”

“The worst club in the football league. They think everybody owes them something. No class at all. They think they are a good team 1 win out of ten, and they still believe they will get promoted. The fans are hated everywhere they go. I bet they are smashing London Road up are i type. uto”

“The smaller club always makes a big deal out of beating their larger rival. Everton beating Liverpool, Tottenham beating Arsenal (although that is changing) etc etc. Shows how poor the league is this year that they are 6th in the league, that’s the frustrating thing. If we had half our team back and firing we’d be up there.”

“the first time this season I’m genuinely proud to be an owl, think I might grow a tash in homage to jos”

“Big pressure game and we find out we are not as sh11t as we thought we were.”

“Second best performance of the season after Villa away for me. We were organised, committed and showed tremendous fight. The organisation is particularly impressive given we were playing a formation we’d never used before. The boys can be very proud of that, especially when we were down to ten men.”

“ Best performance of the season.”

“What a game”

“a proper game of football. Under the circumstances, our reserve side and down to 10 men, it was a great result.”  

“Best of the season for me because it showed real heart. “

“Smashed it. No shirking tackles, no half measures. Essentially a second rate side.  Well done, Sheffield Wednesday. You’ve made us all proud. “

“Feels like a  win. Credit to their keeper at the end for that save. Was there any pig fans in there though I couldn’t hear any “

“Moral victory to us.”

“Our patched up, low on confidence team turned up and matched them.  Wilder and co looked gutted at the end. Gutted. Long time since I felt proud of them. Moral victory ? You bet it was.”

“Pride restored”

“ Pride restored: Proud: Proud of the support. Proud of the performance. Proud we held 11 men, two linesmen and a ref.”

“Don’t think they’ll make the play offs TBH. Lots of effort with little end product. Playing a high tempo game all season long is difficult . Think tey looked leggy at the end and we looked most likely”

“They kind of looked like us 2 years ago running teams ragged and then resorting to shooting from outside the box. amazing how we were odds on favourite in August and now breathing a massive sigh of relief at getting a point. i missed the first two goals at S6 so technically we are evens”

“We kept calm and dealtj with united easily. We covered up so well.  In less than a week we’ve got fitter, more positive and play as a team.  We can go places with our new manager. Well done tonight”

“If this is a sign of things to come, it looks like Chansiri has played a blinder in bringing Jos in”.

Pre-Match View From Wednesday

“Don’t know about rest of you but I’ve got a bad fucking feeling about Friday.

The one thing I’m clinging too is the new manager having 4 days with the team.”

“I worry about the CBs getting bullied by Donaldson/ Clark”

“I’m practically touching cloth already I’m that scared.”

“I’m fearing a hammering. Although they’ve been wobbling of late, we’ve been shite and Wilder will get them well up for it. Hopefully Jos will get our lads fired up and a bit more solid at the back.”  

“They beat us 4-2 at home when we had a much better team. We are going to get smashed”

“How many do we need to get sent off for it to be abandoned? Its it 3? I think that’s probably the best strategy”


“I am under no illusions that it will be a massive task without our best 7 players and others out. If we had everything fit, I would want a win and I’d expect a win. With the likely first 11 out on Friday, it doesn’t give me any confidence at all.” “If we play like we have been over the last few weeks it could be very embarrassing. I know they haven’t had great results but they haven’t played that bad. Our new manager hasn’t had much chance to get his style and organisation over to the team. We have loads out injured. Our best chance is that our team grow a pair and fight for their self respect. Hopefully they know what this match means to the fans and they turn in a Villa style performance. “

“Hopefully an impact JL has is the reserve / not automatic first choices will be more motivated. Carlos even admitted he struggled to motivate them (possibly as they knew he would revert to his favourites regardless of performance). Blank slate for all – we may bemoan our injuries but the players should see this as opportunity to make themselves first choice.”

“The best hope we have, is that he has managed to communicate a system that is well organised and that the players available, given a chance to impress the new boss, will put a good shift in, give everything they have to compete with a United side that will also be well motivated.”

“We are down and out at the moment with all the injuries etc. What will be will be with the makeshift side we currently have. I’m not even nervous like all the other Derbies past.”

“Realistically, we lose. But if realistic predictions always came in, I’d be a millionaire instead of struggling to recall the last accumulator I got in”

“If we beat them with our second team it will be very funny. Unfortunately life tends not to be THAT kind of funny for us Wednesday fans. “

“all pressure is on pigs we have absolutely nothing to lose Friday, massive underdogs our reserves not given a chance, so come on Wednesday let’s do this”

“Whoever we start, WE FUCKING OWE THESE CUNTS should be written on the dressing room door!!”

“We are fucked for Friday BUT all of the pressure is now on United for me it’s how they handle it. It’s there’s to lose!!”

“We’ve got everything to lose! It’s the Steel City Derby. We literally couldn’t have any more to lose in a league game”

“I personally don’t think this United side is the set of world beaters they are often painted to be by their fans and the local media. Granted Wilder has done a very good job there but I think they’ve got found out a little bit now and since Coutts got injured they have won once in their last 8 league games. I fully expect them to finish around 8th/9th in the table. That said, I just can’t see how we go there and win with the amount of key players missing that we have. Our first choice keeper, first choice centre half, first choice right back, 3 first choice mid-fielders and our 3 first choice forwards. There isn’t a signal side in the division that could cope with that loss and had the pigs got a similar injury list, I’d fancy us to go there and beat them handsomely. My heart says we will go there and a few of the squad players will up their game hoping to make an impression on the new manager but I just think that some of them are very limited (Butterfield, Jones, Nuhiu, Joao, Palmer, Venancio) and the pigs with a settled side should come away with all 3 points. My main fear is how much they beat us by. Really, REALLY hope I’m wrong but I just can’t see us getting anything there. “

“New manager in place, full of optimism! Yes we have injuries, but the players we have should still be able to do the job! Lets remember we’re playing Sheff United, they ain’t that special. They had a very good start to the season, there is no doubting that, but over the past couple of months, they have been found out. If you defend against them and don’t go all out attack, you can break them down and counter. Their whole game plan relies on breaking and attacking in numbers. Jos will know this and I’m confident he’ll come up with a game plan to shock them. Just like Bolton did. “

“Are we playing Man City? Barcelona? Real Madrid? Anyone would think so with dreary comments about our chances, we’re playing Sheffield Utd who aren’t on a great run themselves. We’re well capable of getting a result with or without Hutchinson.”

“Cannot believe the level of whingy negativity prior to a Derby. Seriously, anyone would think we’re playing a mixed 11 from Barca & Real Madrid. Does history not teach people anything? Form, favourites, squad depth, counts for nothing, as we have found out on numerous occasions. It’s f*****n Sheffield Shi*bag United, who’ve done absolutely nowt in the last few games. The fact we’ll have what amounts to nearly a reserve team out may work in our favour.  Suddenly the roles are reversed, it’s no longer the rich aristocratic ball players against the feisty local boys made good.  It’s us who are up against it and I think that may suit us. Congrats to the ones with a bit of positivity, but for the rest, stop this mealy mouthed pathetic ‘throwing the towel in’ attitude. “OOh I’m dreading it”, “Ooh, can’t see us getting anything”.  We will f**k em.  And if we don’t f**k em this time, we’ll f**k em next time and the time after. As the song says they’re “Dirty red & white ba***ards” and they’re going to get a f****n.”

“ it would help if we don’t let them go 2-0 up within about 15 minutes this time if they get an early goal our heads will drop & I’ll fear the worse, if we keep it tight for first 20-25 minutes you never know, I’m not confident but we definitely can win. hutch been out is huge but it’s time for these players to step up & make up for the dismal 1st half of the season .they owe the fans”

“We will win. No pressure on us at all. They are favourites and at home. Dead dog bounce with new manager. Players will find the motivation and JL will set them up well organised.”

“Pigs desperately trying to ramp it up for the derby. I just ignore them or smirk, it definitely infuriates them” “

Wouldn’t want any of the signings they have made regardless of the result at Hillsborough or league position.”

“There isn’t one player that they have signed that I would want in our team. True we are desperate for bodies as injuries are ridiculous at the moment but let’s have a bit of faith that we will sort that out before the next few weeks. Realistically we were never going to sign anybody this week when the new manager only took charge on Monday. I’d rather us take our time and get the right ones, fingers crossed we can actually do that in this window.”

“I know I shouldn’t say it but
that James Wilson is fucking dire.”

“Wilson is gash”

“Wilson had real pace but succesion of injuries blighted career. If he comes good now will be bit of a surprise.”

“Nah, Wilson’s a decent player but a bit lightweight and injury-prone it would seem. He was touted as quite the prospect a few seasons ago but his career has stalled somewhat. Blunts a good move for him considering their style of play. “

“The blades are just doing their business early so they don’t get fleeced when they sell Brooks for big bucks once his mysterious illness clears up”

Man Utd and Brighton Fans Views On James Wilson

Man Utd Fans

“I thought that Januzaj and Wilson were nailed on to become the future of the club,but unfortunately I was completely off the mark.”

“thought he’ll be a great youth prospect when he emerged on the scene in that Hull game under Giggs, but after that, meh..”

“James Wilson could do with regular football at a higher level than the u23’s”

“He’s not even training once in a while with the first team”

“Is James Wilson still alive?”

“Two Strikers out injured and James Wilson still can’t get a sniff at the squad despite his goals for the U 23 . Looks like his United career over which is a shame”

“The word “Potential” sums him up”

“ I’d love to see Wilson given another chance. Most unlikely though.”

“Want to see James Wilson be given another chance”

“Mourinho should just try playing James Wilson upfront in the next games Because just can’t see where the goals are going to come from with these attackers and with no ibra and lukaku”

“Very fast and a great finisher you don’t knw myb he cn be our Harry Kane ,but mou is trying to sign a finished Lucas moura”

“Get fucking James Wilson and his fucked knee in the squad”

“James Wilson is a better finisher than Rashford”

Brighton Fans

“James Wilson in our team now would rip teams apart”

“there is something there”

“there’s a good player in there just needs a good run of games uninterrupted by injury.”

“Lack lustre, weak, uninterested, Unpassionate but huge potential”

“had his moments but can be extremely lazy. Only good when he can be bothered to be”

“Good to start with, then had some kind of virus and either never recovered or he’s just very physically weak. Decent finisher tho”

“Knows where the goal is for sure, looks lazy most of time though – also occasionally throws up on the pitch!”

“lazy majority of the time, average player but can finish”

“He’s alright. alright. Had a lot of illness when he was here. Don’t think he’s any clubs season changer or promotion key though”

“don’t think we saw him at his best. But maybe we actually did?”

“The bloke was useless”

“Such an average, overhyped player”

“I didn’t think he was good for us at all”

“he’s lazy and lacklustre and very weak”

“will never make a championship striker, weak, lazy and disinterested.”

“didn’t look interested at all”

“Not sure if he was unfit or just didn’t give a fuck”

“What a disappointment he was”

“James Wilson is fucking terrible.”

Wolves and Wigan Fans Views On Lee Evans

Wolves Fans

“Sort of player that would flourish under a manager like Wilder. Always liked him myself, looks like he could be a good centre mid in this league, and recently broke into the Welsh team. Had a very good start of the season at Wigan.
Can be a bit of a c*** too though. A few years ago we rejected a bid from Watford for him and he refused to play for us over it. Since then I think his career at Wolves has been over.”

“Lee Evans is a top signing for Blades at that price. Seen him dominate games at this level.”

“I’m surprised Wigan aren’t matching that, he’s done really well for them.
He will have a decent championship career IMO”

“They maybe matching it but then who would you sign for Wigan or Sheff Utd!!”

“Good move for him.
I would be happy with this if we have a sell on. He is still young enough to get better.”

“Has a lot of talent and will end up being a very decent Championship player.”

“I agree that he will definitely have a decent Championship career, you only have to look at some of his performances to see that the talent is there. It is just that he has lacked the consistency to do this over a run of games but that hasn’t been helped by him not being a regular in the side.”

“He was smashing it in L1 so I think he’s improved since he was last in a wolves shirt.
He is a decent player but as others have said we’re aiming higher now.
I think he’ll do well at the blades”

“He will do well at the blades. Talented player when he wants to be. Decent work ethic. Very technical and fancy good passer just not on the same level as Neves I’m afraid. Only in his own mind.. No doubt this move could get his career moving. Teams have paid a lot more for far worse. Good luck Lee. Another one to go with Clarke and Stearman for the blades “

“Saw Lee have some brilliant games in a Wolves shirt, but equally have some very poor games too. No doubt he’s got a bit of ability, just not maybe the consistency that would make him a top player. Definitely think he’ll be a good Championship player over his career though.”

“Another who will be an ok championship player (like Savile and others) but not going to get a game for us now. Good move all round.”

“Brought for £250k sold for £750k and has only ever looked good in L1? Good business for us, Sheffield United like a home for ex-wolves”

“Good luck to him, but we’ve gone up a level.”

“Great move for him . Definitely his level at mid table championship clubs”

“Never good enough.
750k is top business.”

“Good riddance to him imo. Never good enough even when we were rubbish. Nowhere near good enough now.”

“They’re rapidly taking on the look of a wolves B team.”

“Take the money and run. Not nearly good enough for where we want to be.
In fact not nearly good enough for where we were! League 1 is his level.”

“ He’s a legend in his own lunchtime. He passes the ball out to an advertising hoarding and then preens his hair like a schoolgirl with a crush when other players are looking at him puzzled at his decision. Sheffield United is a good move for him; I don’t see him as a regular Championship level player. “

“Shows the level Blades are at when they’re buying our what, sixth choice centre mid? Behind Neves, Saiss, N’Diaye, MGW and Price (who’s now off too).
He looks a fancy player at times but not quite there. Top end of League One where he is now is probs about right.
Good luck to him but we have certainly moved on from the likes of Evans. “

“They’re building
It would be equivalent of us buying off Newcastle when we were in the champ “


Wigan Fans

“Been a great player for us.”

“Good luck to him. He’s been decent for us.
This is a step up for him and I wish him well.”

“This is a reality check on what we are now, this would have been a good investment as I an sure that his value would only have increased as he developed. Crying shame and one decision I hope we don’t regret in the future. The championship will be hard 4 us.”

“Evans will be a big miss. “

“Has been one of our best players this season, set up so many goals with set pieces. Did not know how bad the finances were if we no longer afford even 750k. Especially as he’s still only young, will be worth a lot more than that in a few years. “

“Very good player . Daft sending off disrupted his season a bit but he has made a positive contribution. Good luck to him .”

“Thought he been excellent for us shame he’s going “

“Gutted to see Evans go, and very surprised we didn’t sign him permanently especially for £750k”

“Losing him will be a blow, for sure”

“I can’t believe we’ve let him go our best midfielder since Jordi Gomez!”

“Evans been as good as Morsy this season for me. Range of passing and set piece delivery will be missed. If the clause to buy him in his loan was true, then we’ve made the wrong decision not activating”

“Evans has been our anchor all year and been solid. Hes ridiculous and will be a massive loss”

“Lee Evans is the reason we’re on this run at the moment, was no surprise performances dropped after Scunthorpe away when banned. He’s a class above any midfielder we have bar morsy”

“Had some great games this season but had some stinkers as well. Sad to see him go but expected him to drop to the bench when MacDonald was back fit anyway. “

“He’s been good this season but he’s not worth £750k and we can’t buy what we can’t afford anyway.
In my opinion he’s in that no man’s zone with the likes of Jacobs, too good for this league but not quite up to Championship standard.”

“Decent player but a bit inconsistent, can either ping some great passes all game or every single pass hit an advertising hoarding, free kicks again are either brilliant or woeful and he can’t take corners. 750k not worth it. If he was consistently good like Morsy then maybe more so. “

“No big loss Would sooner have max power anyway and we’ve got Shaun macdonald back which is like a new signing and won’t cost us 750k”

“is Evans capable for Cham? I not sure. By the time in summer if we promoted to champ, the take over should be done, where we can spend more money on better player at that position. So no big loss for me as well”

“Shame losing Evans, but nothing to lose any sleep over. He’s a good ‘un, but personally think Power is an all round better player”

Southend Fans Views On Ryan Leonard


“The player has expressed his desire to move to a higher level and yet, all credit to him, he has continued to give his all. The poor sod is having to endure performing to prop up a side undeserving of his ability or commitment.”

“Lenny would easily step up to Championship level, nothing short of what he deserves. Just a shame it will very unlikely be with us. Hate to say it but Sheff Utd would be a good fit for him given their style of play”

“He is worthy of playing at a higher level, and for me better than Sheffield United, and he should seize the opportunity given to him. He has done more than enough to justify his salary with us and owes us nothing. I bet he would be pleased to think we also got a fee for him.”

“Bye bye Ryan. Thank you for your excellent work and professionalism. I look forward to your rise to the top. One word of caution though, don’t go to Sheffield united. You are better than that now and will be a lot better in the future.”

“Sheffield United will be a good fit for him and in Chris Wilder he’ll be working under an up and coming manager, it wouldn’t surprise me to see both in the Premiership in the next couple of seasons.”

“All i can say is i believe if they do sign Leonard ,he will not only be good in the championship but also in the premiership should they attain that.”

“Good luck Lenny you’ve been awesome from day 1 ( i still remember the screamers you scored in your first matches at Dartford & Gt Wakering!)…. and reckon your speed and strength will establish you as a premier league player within 18 months. I personally think your best position is attacking right back and hope you will soon be challenging the likes of Kyle Walker, Nathan Clyne & Jo Gomez as England’s number 2. Thinking about it , it was Sheff Utd who sold on Walker and Kyle Naughton for millions not too many years ago so thats the right club to show your progress at!”

“Lenny gets in my all time side of the last 30 years. A true professional the likes only come along to Southend once every few years. I don’t want him to go but I am realistic and would love to see him playing in the Prem in a few years time and who knows even pulling on an England shirt, is he as good as a Eric Dier at Spurs, in a much better team than ours would be very interesting.”

“Since the end of August four significant things have happened:
1. Lenny has continued to play exceptionally well but has also proved his superb character by not sulking thus making himself more valuable.
2. Sheffield United have given themselves a shout for the riches of the Premier and are more likely to speculate to accumulate.
3. Coutts, who is excellent, is out for the season and they have probably wised up to the fact that Lundstram is nothing like a decent replacement but Lenny most certainly is.
4. Our cakewalk to the Championship hasn’t started and here is chance to recoup some of the cash that has been splashed.
For all of these reasons we should be able to drive a hard bargain.
Certainly Lenny deserves a crack at the big time just like Chrissie Powell was given after two hundred plus games with us.
Two terrific servants.
Good luck Lenny.”

“I get the impression there was more than one team interested in him.”

“And so there should be”

“I would be dumbfounded if I found that Sheffield United and Millwall were the only clubs interested or even the best clubs he could attract.”

“Sheffield United deserve praise for how they’ve gone about this as their desire to land the player has clearly paid off.
Make no mistake, there would be Championship interest in Leonard but he obviously appreciates how much Chris Wilder and the Blades want to sign him and that will be the key to sealing this transfer.”

“Lenny has been one of my favourite players for a while. A lot of footballers in his position would have had a massive strop, refused to play or not put any effort on the pitch. I have seen no change in his game since the talks began. He obviously wants to leave for a bigger team and money so I have the upmost respect for him when he does go. He is a big player and an integral part of our team. We will miss him and will find it extremely difficult to replace him with someone as good as him.”

“we ONLY have a chance with him in the team of promotion.”

“Sell Lenny and very close call if we get relegated!”

“In all honesty Lenny is our team. His defensive covering is immeasurable. His engine is superb. The rest of our midfield will be shown up without him. Looking over our shoulders without him. Looking up with him”

“He covers an awful lot of sins in the current set-up.”

“Deserves better than carrying a team full of over the hill veterans on far higher wages than him to a mid table/top half finish.”

“The fact is that Lenny is one of the best midfielders outside the Championship”

“I personally am a Lenny fan and would love him to stay but if given the opportunity to play at a higher level he should take it. He deserves the chance and has been a good servant to the club”

“You’ve got it all wrong Sheffield he does nothing in the midfield he’s rubbish, he’s injured, he’s overrated, now on your way, bye bye, leave us alone nothing to see here”

“Lenny isn’t irreplacable but his departure would mean a complete rethink of the balance in midfield. A holding central midfield player and another more defensively minded player.”

“I like Lenny, but i’m not overly convinced he is a player that we absolutely cannot lose, when i think back to all the other good standard midfielders weve had then sorry, he doesnt stand out that much. Of course right now he does stand out because our midfield blows hot and minus cold every fornight and Lenny is at least consistant with his displays and gives 100 % and by no means do i think there is not a good player in there.”

View From Ipswich

Ipswich 0-1 Blades

“Yes we had a few out but Sheff Utd played virtually a reserve side and still we fail to muster even a single shot on target ? Not f**king One worthy of being called an effort on goal, I mean FFS, it’s the FA Cup and I know MM doesnt give a toss about it but 12,000 cared enough to turn up and that is what you all serve up you hopelsess pile of crap !!I suppose for 15 minutes we looked ok, yes we should have had a penalty early doors after Chambo’s header was clearly stopped by a Sheffield players arm but aside from that we got worse and worse and worse, a lack of cohesion throughout, no game plan, Eleven players who seemed to ahve been thrown together and told to go out and give it their best shot, and all this against opponents who made Eight changes themselves !!!

“We didn’t have a shot in 90 minutes.
I mean, surely nobody can defend that?”

“Pretty easy to defend against I’d have thought. Sheff managed ok.”

“We didn’t have a shot against Sheffield reserves!!!!”

“They could have played with a sweeper keeper and still have nought to worry about.”

“Nothing at all positive, f#ckin freezing cold, like watching a pre season friendly.”

“I don’t say this offensively but, does Mick McCarthy have brain diseases or is he just fully blind? Saying we played well without a shot on target is the worst thing you could possibly say. “

“You wonder if MM tries to wind the fans in every interview now.” “it’s like he had a psychotic break after Sheff U scored and was watching the great match in the sky, where we came back to win 5-1.
Everyone was happy, loud chants of “Super Mick!” could be heard reverberating round a packed Portman Road….
Then the final whistle went, he snapped out of it, and had to do an interview he wasn’t prepared for.”

“He is a narcissist in full blown denial, I mean to be happy with that you have be away with the fairies, on another plane of existance altogether.”

“That was absolutely awful to watch. It seemed like it was harder to not shoot than it was to have a go. It looked like the tactics were not to equalise at all costs in the second half to avoid a replay.
It seemed like there was no interest in winning and people had to pay to watch that. MM out his style and football ta tics if that what they’re called were not to win today.”

“we had a winnable tie today against a Sheffield United side that had made 8 changes, and Mick decided to leave his aforementioned preferred front 2 on the bench in favour of Sears who quite frankly hasn’t in recent months earned that right to start for us.
I don’t care if there were 10,000 or 30,000 Town fans there today, or if they paid £10 or £30 for their ticket, the level of contempt we’ve shown to cup competitions since Mick took over is disgusting. I could’ve perhaps accepted this is we were in danger of going down, or with a sniff of going up this season and Mick prioritised the league, but given we effectively have nothing to play for I find it staggering.”

“To be fair I think that was pretty much the best team Mick could have picked today apart, I suppose, from the front players. We should cut him some slack because of the injuries despite the fact that some of them may be the club’s fault e.g. not rehabbing Bish Hyam and Adeyemi properly. And it’s not like he sent them out with instructions to not shoot.”

“A limp, no efforts on goal, home defeat in a very winnable cup tie that could have led to a money spinning and exciting tie for the clubs supporters in the next round to disengage themselves from the absolute pointless nothingness that following this club has become in the last decade.
Going nowhere. What is the actual friggin point?
I’m starting to think that Town go into fixtures on the back of pure obligation and to avoid a fine for not showing up.”

“I’ve had enough of watching boring football, I knew like many others that we’d lose today against a reserve Sheffield United team. Totally disillusioned with the club, no atmosphere in the ground, unfortunately we’re known as a turgid dogged side. When are we going to stop being this crap”

“Crowd today was 12k. Lowest in what, 20 years? And i imagine the Blunts brought a few.”

“If they were blunt i’m not sure what we where!”

“12,000 was probably not the actual either and the bought only 1,200 which was poor from them.”

“Actually, 1200 from the Blunts for a nothing cup game for their reserves is a good effort.”

Pre-Match View From Ipswich

“I don’t think there’s any win-win vs. Sheffield United whatever happens.
Even the U23s are severely weakened so it’s likely going to be a mish-mash of players who need games to recover fitness and/or form. Which doesn’t bode well for a fluid performance or even a hard-fought win.”

“If he wasn’t dismissed after last year’s shambles vs a non league team, it won’t affect anything this time either.
I would really like us to out a strong team out. Do we even have many other options for players though bar youngsters untried players?”

“Despite the nervousness we’re not going to go down. Despite the dreams of some fans we’re not going to get promoted. So how about giving the old FA Cup a proper try this year? It could put the feel good factor back into the club if we made decent progress. It could even earn us a few quid to make going up a possibility next year. I’m not saying no changes but may be 2 or 3 plus a couple of kids on the bench, rather than 10 changes and a shrug.”

“Mick is already moaning about having only 14 players available for Saturday so I don’t know if that means he won’t make his usual 11 changes & play 8 kids.”

“We have a habit of getting surprising results when team selection is forced in that way.”

“Considering the spate of injuries we’ve sustained over a hectic and disappointing festive period, I think a lot of fringe / young players are in line to make starts. Sheffield United will likely do the same, and let’s not overlook the fact they’ve been poor form themselves over recent weeks. I expect both McCarthy and Wilder are not hoping for replay here. A good chance for some of the academy boys to step up and put themselves in the first team picture.”

“Being both reasonably safe at present and following a run of recent form which suggests that a shout for a play-off place is little more than a distant dream, this season seems to have petered out earlier than in any other of MM/ME’s previous years.
What then could lift the spirits of the FPR faithful more than a little cup run? Nah, forget it, let’s concentrate on alienating the fans by giving them absolutely nothing to get excited about.
If things go to plan, Mick should inspire a pitiful and lacklustre home defeat. However, if recent years are anything to go by, someone will go off-script (probably Celina) and secure an unwanted draw so that the misery can be dragged out a little longer.Long live MM/ME. Long live the apathy.”

“I suspect Mick will treat it with the same respect as usual, but I think it’s in the club’s interest to look differently this year. If I was a Sheff Utd fan I’d expect 11 changes and then score an og rather than have a replay. But we’re in a different place.”

“it’s a chance for our excellent crop of Youths to perform on a bigger stage (as they ably showed against Palace in the Other Cup).
Then those who really shine can be incorporated in the first team.
It’s not like the regular League squad is demonstrably more capable of beating Sheff U (I was at that game), or at anywhere near full strength, full of momentum, etc.”

“McCarthy’s FA record is P-9 W-0 D-4 L-5

“Neither side want this match.. It’ll be a drab and boring 0-0 with the added insult of having to go back up to their place to relive it all over again in the replay.”

“I’m not spending £20 on a train to watch a reserve game for both teams.”

“Not even remotely considered going to this, pointless exercise”

“Sheff U will bring a coach load.
I hope we win or lose. I don’t think there’s any point in sticking the reserves and kids out and then them drawing. We’re injury hit enough without replays.”

“Sheffield Utd have a tickets purchased loyalty points system and this game goes towards there point allocation with there Derby game V Sheffield Weds on the horizon, I believe they have sold 700 plus…£10 a pop helps sway them as well.”

“Shouldn’t imagine that’ll matter as they’ve almost sold out for next weeks game and wouldn’t need a lot of points to purchase a ticket for a home game.
They’ve sold 900 for Saturday. I reckon about 7,000 there altogether.”

“fair play to the Blades having around 1,000 fans. Good support for the dullest game imaginable.”

LOAN UPDATE: Doncaster Fans Views On Ben Whiteman

“Would anyone else like to see Whiteman start?
The team have been playing quite well recently and this question is not meant as a criticism
I just feel that Whiteman always looks positive when he plays
It seems a waste to have him sat on the bench”

“Some would argue that he needs to wait his turn, I would argue that we need that enthusiasm rubbing off on other players quickly if we are to be inventive, inspired and winning games now.
He has the skill let’s see what he can bring to the team on a regular basis”

“He is not as good as the players who are playing in the positions he has played in this year, and he is not as good a footballer  as Rowe,Coppinger,or Rodney to get a chance further up field unless we suffer injuries.
    So it is a no from me unless forced on us, or we change the formation to shoe  him in again, another no from me.
  He is a good back up player,probable starter if we revert to a four at the back(unlikely at the moment) and will have to wait his chance and show more in his game creatively when he gets the chance.”

“far better than Rodney(dave)”

“he’s not performed as well as I’d have liked a lot of the time, needs to add more end product.  He’s only done it in one or two games.”

“We won’t start winning games til we start shooting, and when WhIteman is on he does just that and sometimes scores.”

“There isn’t much between him and Dave. I’d have Whiteman purely because he’s shown he’s better in front of goal and let’s face it……we need some goals.”

“He certainly has more of a goal threat when in and around the box but there are other duties to perform.”

“I genuinely don’t realise he’s playing half the time.
But then I’m sure he’s meant to be playing further forward, and we’re using him as a holding player.”

“a better manager would use him how he’s meant to be used rather than try and shoehorn him in…”

“he’s totally anonymous most of the time, yet when he does get forward he goes and scores or makes something happen. Funny, that.”

“some games is match winner and other games entirely invisible. No consistency.”

“The Blunts are in a bit of a poor run , . My concern is the January window could see the looking at their squad and Whiteman may be come into their thinking”

“The Blades need a replacement for Coutts. I don’t think Whiteman fits that particular bill.”

“The blunts manager said a few weeks ago that it was a done deal till end of season”

“He’s not yet good enough for a team aiming for the top 6 in the Championship.”

“He’s barely been good enough for us at times. Potential but lots of work to do.”

“He’s not good enough for a team looking to survive in L1”

LOAN UPDATE: Chesterfield Fans Views On Louis Reed

“ The prime instigator of Mansfields first goal was Reed, and everything else was a consequence of him instinctively turning back towards his own goal. I’ve praised him since I first saw him, as probably our most skilful player, but I really hope Jack can reverse the passing sideways and back mentality that, I agree, has been coached into him. On Saturday, when he received that ball, there was a huge space in front of the Mansfield defence that he could have moved into, but he instinctively looked to go back. Jack has worked miracles to get us playing as we are, now he must wave a magic wand over Reed to turn him into an excellent attacking midfielder frightening opposition defenders instead of putting his own under pressure.”

“Absoulutly a spot on assesment of Reed imo”

“Reed does try hard but I would rather have a bigger dynamo in midfield a bit like Morsy.”

“I thought the Exeter game was the best I had seen Reed play but I wouldn’t want him as a permanent signing. While he shows some good skills I don’t feel it compensates enough for him being lightweight.”

“Just to send him back to Bramall Lane? Nah, bring in someone permanent…developing other teams’ fringe players really rankles with me unless they are pretty much nailed on to become our players. Is there any likelihood of that?”

“Had too much sideways passing coached into him. The amount of times he gives the ball away in dangerous areas and sets up a counter attack for the opposition is alarming.”

“every time reed got a bit of pressure on him he just wanted rid of it”

“looking a very good signing playing under a decent manager.”

“Reed was fantastic today”

“Read was my motm having his best game so far.”

“Decent game. Some nice touches. Thankfully didn’t make one of his horrible crossfield ball errors.”

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