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View From Leicester

Blades 1-4 Leicester

“Rocky start but result never in doubt. Good runs out for many squad players”

“One of those memorable carabao cup nights”

“I’m happy, but confused… First half, we looked disjointed. Musa was playing like a Sunday League Player, Slim wanted to fight everyone, Ulloa hardly touched the ball…etc. Second half….scintillating! We got 4, it could have been more. We were just sensational going forward!”

“What on earth was said at HT ? Unrecognisable , although SU rather played into our hands” 

“Lots of positives, albeit against Blades reserves.”

“Crap start but turned on the style 10 mins in to 2nd half. Fully deserved.” 

“a very good performance by a team missing its two best players, two starting midfielders, right back and centre half”

“I know it’s “only” Sheffield United – but that was a potential cock up. And we played well enough in the 2nd half that we didn’t need to knacker any of the 1st teamers on the bench. And could give Mendy and Knight a chance. Job done.”

“Nice, professional performance in the end, were just too good in the end. Actually some decent performances.Wonder how much that Brooks kid would cost us? “

“Fitst half was absolutely dire but second half we really stepped it up and it turned into a very easy game for us. Slimani and Gray particularly impressive with Musa also growing into the game after a horrendous start. Also rudders should be sticking a bid in for that Brooks lad, looks a real talent. “

“almost all Blades attacks went through our left (Chilwell & Gray). Brooks quite the handful, we should keep tabs on him.”

“That Brooks for them looks a decent player”

“Thought that Sheffield United’s youngster, Brookes, in midfield looks promising. Keep an eye for him”

“I think some people tonight have been indoctrinated by the Sky commentators salivating over him.  He looked about 12 years old and played in a team that lost 4-1.” 

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5 thoughts on “View From Leicester

  1. Guys sorry but keep your mits of brookes. He is staying at the lane


  2. Baz higgott on said:

    Fair description of the match I thought my team ( blades) could have had 2 goals in first half but you played as a premier club in second half and I enjoyed seeing how your team tore us apart just playing good football
    We will learn from last night’s match Hope you win this cup lol Bad


  3. TonyAgana on said:

    Brooks is turd, nothing to see here, move on.


  4. I am a huge fan of Leicester city. I always have and always will. My favourite player is Jamie Vardy. One day I will get my Leicester City shirt with his number on the back of it. I want to ask if you possible send me some signed autographes photos as I cannot make it to see the matches. It was wonderful that Leicester beat them. Keep going city and keep shakepher as new manager we want to be top of the table again before my 49th birthday witch is 29 march


  5. A few seasons ago you lot just as bad as us but look what happened with your team don’t think sufc are easy we will get better with cw watch this space


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