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LOAN UPDATE: Chesterfield Fans Views On Louis Reed

“I thought Reed looked class in the Rotherham pre season friendly. Seemed to skip through tackles. From the League matches I have seen, he’s currently out of his depth, yet to beat a man and carry the ball forward, caught in possession too many times.”

“Lou Reed as a bit of a give and go type midfielder but looks small/light weight”

“Vastly overrated and one of our weak links”

“Reed isn’t the ball playing creative type. Not that great at breaking up play neither.”

“I think Reed is a very skilful player, but v Coventry he continually gave the ball away, and possibly prevented us from getting all three points by creating the sending off situation. He desperately needs a strong, ball – winning midfielder next to him {Sam Morsy would be perfect).”

“reed looks absolutely awful in my eyes, doesn’t look just kicks, can’t tackle at all or anything, what a waste of money.”

“Reed is talented, but shot for confidence and not really a holding midfielder.”

“Sheffield Utd didn’t let us have Brooks for a reason they had a different reason to give us Reed”

“Doesn’t look fit enough and shows no urgency.”

“Ship him out”

“Reed isn’t good enough”

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