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Pre-Match View From Wednesday

“Don’t know about rest of you but I’ve got a bad fucking feeling about Friday.

The one thing I’m clinging too is the new manager having 4 days with the team.”

“I worry about the CBs getting bullied by Donaldson/ Clark”

“I’m practically touching cloth already I’m that scared.”

“I’m fearing a hammering. Although they’ve been wobbling of late, we’ve been shite and Wilder will get them well up for it. Hopefully Jos will get our lads fired up and a bit more solid at the back.”  

“They beat us 4-2 at home when we had a much better team. We are going to get smashed”

“How many do we need to get sent off for it to be abandoned? Its it 3? I think that’s probably the best strategy”


“I am under no illusions that it will be a massive task without our best 7 players and others out. If we had everything fit, I would want a win and I’d expect a win. With the likely first 11 out on Friday, it doesn’t give me any confidence at all.” “If we play like we have been over the last few weeks it could be very embarrassing. I know they haven’t had great results but they haven’t played that bad. Our new manager hasn’t had much chance to get his style and organisation over to the team. We have loads out injured. Our best chance is that our team grow a pair and fight for their self respect. Hopefully they know what this match means to the fans and they turn in a Villa style performance. “

“Hopefully an impact JL has is the reserve / not automatic first choices will be more motivated. Carlos even admitted he struggled to motivate them (possibly as they knew he would revert to his favourites regardless of performance). Blank slate for all – we may bemoan our injuries but the players should see this as opportunity to make themselves first choice.”

“The best hope we have, is that he has managed to communicate a system that is well organised and that the players available, given a chance to impress the new boss, will put a good shift in, give everything they have to compete with a United side that will also be well motivated.”

“We are down and out at the moment with all the injuries etc. What will be will be with the makeshift side we currently have. I’m not even nervous like all the other Derbies past.”

“Realistically, we lose. But if realistic predictions always came in, I’d be a millionaire instead of struggling to recall the last accumulator I got in”

“If we beat them with our second team it will be very funny. Unfortunately life tends not to be THAT kind of funny for us Wednesday fans. “

“all pressure is on pigs we have absolutely nothing to lose Friday, massive underdogs our reserves not given a chance, so come on Wednesday let’s do this”

“Whoever we start, WE FUCKING OWE THESE CUNTS should be written on the dressing room door!!”

“We are fucked for Friday BUT all of the pressure is now on United for me it’s how they handle it. It’s there’s to lose!!”

“We’ve got everything to lose! It’s the Steel City Derby. We literally couldn’t have any more to lose in a league game”

“I personally don’t think this United side is the set of world beaters they are often painted to be by their fans and the local media. Granted Wilder has done a very good job there but I think they’ve got found out a little bit now and since Coutts got injured they have won once in their last 8 league games. I fully expect them to finish around 8th/9th in the table. That said, I just can’t see how we go there and win with the amount of key players missing that we have. Our first choice keeper, first choice centre half, first choice right back, 3 first choice mid-fielders and our 3 first choice forwards. There isn’t a signal side in the division that could cope with that loss and had the pigs got a similar injury list, I’d fancy us to go there and beat them handsomely. My heart says we will go there and a few of the squad players will up their game hoping to make an impression on the new manager but I just think that some of them are very limited (Butterfield, Jones, Nuhiu, Joao, Palmer, Venancio) and the pigs with a settled side should come away with all 3 points. My main fear is how much they beat us by. Really, REALLY hope I’m wrong but I just can’t see us getting anything there. “

“New manager in place, full of optimism! Yes we have injuries, but the players we have should still be able to do the job! Lets remember we’re playing Sheff United, they ain’t that special. They had a very good start to the season, there is no doubting that, but over the past couple of months, they have been found out. If you defend against them and don’t go all out attack, you can break them down and counter. Their whole game plan relies on breaking and attacking in numbers. Jos will know this and I’m confident he’ll come up with a game plan to shock them. Just like Bolton did. “

“Are we playing Man City? Barcelona? Real Madrid? Anyone would think so with dreary comments about our chances, we’re playing Sheffield Utd who aren’t on a great run themselves. We’re well capable of getting a result with or without Hutchinson.”

“Cannot believe the level of whingy negativity prior to a Derby. Seriously, anyone would think we’re playing a mixed 11 from Barca & Real Madrid. Does history not teach people anything? Form, favourites, squad depth, counts for nothing, as we have found out on numerous occasions. It’s f*****n Sheffield Shi*bag United, who’ve done absolutely nowt in the last few games. The fact we’ll have what amounts to nearly a reserve team out may work in our favour.  Suddenly the roles are reversed, it’s no longer the rich aristocratic ball players against the feisty local boys made good.  It’s us who are up against it and I think that may suit us. Congrats to the ones with a bit of positivity, but for the rest, stop this mealy mouthed pathetic ‘throwing the towel in’ attitude. “OOh I’m dreading it”, “Ooh, can’t see us getting anything”.  We will f**k em.  And if we don’t f**k em this time, we’ll f**k em next time and the time after. As the song says they’re “Dirty red & white ba***ards” and they’re going to get a f****n.”

“ it would help if we don’t let them go 2-0 up within about 15 minutes this time if they get an early goal our heads will drop & I’ll fear the worse, if we keep it tight for first 20-25 minutes you never know, I’m not confident but we definitely can win. hutch been out is huge but it’s time for these players to step up & make up for the dismal 1st half of the season .they owe the fans”

“We will win. No pressure on us at all. They are favourites and at home. Dead dog bounce with new manager. Players will find the motivation and JL will set them up well organised.”

“Pigs desperately trying to ramp it up for the derby. I just ignore them or smirk, it definitely infuriates them” “

Wouldn’t want any of the signings they have made regardless of the result at Hillsborough or league position.”

“There isn’t one player that they have signed that I would want in our team. True we are desperate for bodies as injuries are ridiculous at the moment but let’s have a bit of faith that we will sort that out before the next few weeks. Realistically we were never going to sign anybody this week when the new manager only took charge on Monday. I’d rather us take our time and get the right ones, fingers crossed we can actually do that in this window.”

“I know I shouldn’t say it but
that James Wilson is fucking dire.”

“Wilson is gash”

“Wilson had real pace but succesion of injuries blighted career. If he comes good now will be bit of a surprise.”

“Nah, Wilson’s a decent player but a bit lightweight and injury-prone it would seem. He was touted as quite the prospect a few seasons ago but his career has stalled somewhat. Blunts a good move for him considering their style of play. “

“The blades are just doing their business early so they don’t get fleeced when they sell Brooks for big bucks once his mysterious illness clears up”

Pre-Match View From Ipswich

“I don’t think there’s any win-win vs. Sheffield United whatever happens.
Even the U23s are severely weakened so it’s likely going to be a mish-mash of players who need games to recover fitness and/or form. Which doesn’t bode well for a fluid performance or even a hard-fought win.”

“If he wasn’t dismissed after last year’s shambles vs a non league team, it won’t affect anything this time either.
I would really like us to out a strong team out. Do we even have many other options for players though bar youngsters untried players?”

“Despite the nervousness we’re not going to go down. Despite the dreams of some fans we’re not going to get promoted. So how about giving the old FA Cup a proper try this year? It could put the feel good factor back into the club if we made decent progress. It could even earn us a few quid to make going up a possibility next year. I’m not saying no changes but may be 2 or 3 plus a couple of kids on the bench, rather than 10 changes and a shrug.”

“Mick is already moaning about having only 14 players available for Saturday so I don’t know if that means he won’t make his usual 11 changes & play 8 kids.”

“We have a habit of getting surprising results when team selection is forced in that way.”

“Considering the spate of injuries we’ve sustained over a hectic and disappointing festive period, I think a lot of fringe / young players are in line to make starts. Sheffield United will likely do the same, and let’s not overlook the fact they’ve been poor form themselves over recent weeks. I expect both McCarthy and Wilder are not hoping for replay here. A good chance for some of the academy boys to step up and put themselves in the first team picture.”

“Being both reasonably safe at present and following a run of recent form which suggests that a shout for a play-off place is little more than a distant dream, this season seems to have petered out earlier than in any other of MM/ME’s previous years.
What then could lift the spirits of the FPR faithful more than a little cup run? Nah, forget it, let’s concentrate on alienating the fans by giving them absolutely nothing to get excited about.
If things go to plan, Mick should inspire a pitiful and lacklustre home defeat. However, if recent years are anything to go by, someone will go off-script (probably Celina) and secure an unwanted draw so that the misery can be dragged out a little longer.Long live MM/ME. Long live the apathy.”

“I suspect Mick will treat it with the same respect as usual, but I think it’s in the club’s interest to look differently this year. If I was a Sheff Utd fan I’d expect 11 changes and then score an og rather than have a replay. But we’re in a different place.”

“it’s a chance for our excellent crop of Youths to perform on a bigger stage (as they ably showed against Palace in the Other Cup).
Then those who really shine can be incorporated in the first team.
It’s not like the regular League squad is demonstrably more capable of beating Sheff U (I was at that game), or at anywhere near full strength, full of momentum, etc.”

“McCarthy’s FA record is P-9 W-0 D-4 L-5

“Neither side want this match.. It’ll be a drab and boring 0-0 with the added insult of having to go back up to their place to relive it all over again in the replay.”

“I’m not spending £20 on a train to watch a reserve game for both teams.”

“Not even remotely considered going to this, pointless exercise”

“Sheff U will bring a coach load.
I hope we win or lose. I don’t think there’s any point in sticking the reserves and kids out and then them drawing. We’re injury hit enough without replays.”

“Sheffield Utd have a tickets purchased loyalty points system and this game goes towards there point allocation with there Derby game V Sheffield Weds on the horizon, I believe they have sold 700 plus…£10 a pop helps sway them as well.”

“Shouldn’t imagine that’ll matter as they’ve almost sold out for next weeks game and wouldn’t need a lot of points to purchase a ticket for a home game.
They’ve sold 900 for Saturday. I reckon about 7,000 there altogether.”

“fair play to the Blades having around 1,000 fans. Good support for the dullest game imaginable.”

Pre-Match View From Derby

“We were very unlucky against them at Bramall Lane earlier in the warmer months, a poor clearance by Carson, an own goal by Russell that had us scratching ours heads in the away end, and a third on the break away when we were going for an equaliser after Bryson had scored.  So do we owe them one?
They have that Leon guy up front who’s having the season of his life, and seem to get results by playing a high tempo game with of course Billy Sharpe up front.  Paul Coutts got injured and he seems to have been missed. They’ve had a few dodgy results of late and have just lost at home to Bolton who have picked up a little recently. So, it’s a localish game for them, I assume they’ll sell out the allocation too.  So lots of dee dah’s around the train station pubs I guess? Plenty of them in the home fans only pub too no doubt, look out for flat caps and whippets, and cries of “how much?” We have a bit of a run going at home at the moment, but the games are coming thick and fast and maybe that could be a problem, but 5 changes at Ipswich and 3 points kind of makes you a bit more confident. Anyway, lets attack them and not let them dictate pace or tempo to us. Let’s make their back foot ache for 90 mins.  We are due a totally dominant performance at home with a few goals thrown in for good measure I think, teams in the league are beginning to fear us, let’s frighten the living daylights out the lot of them! “

“Billy Sharpe is a poor mans Nugent. The blunts want to properly gauge themselves against us. They were lucky early in the season. Winnall will sort this one for us. Keogh will be solid again.”

“We weren’t unlucky against them at bramble lane they deserved to win and we played stupid and we also surrendered midfield  they will be looking to do the same again, I really want to win this one and we are going to have to play well to do so”

“Win this and we’re 10 points ahead of them, with only 20 games left. Maintain our 2+ points a game and it’s simply not possible for them to catch us. Lose and that gap is down to 4, with everything to play for as we fall back into the chasing pack. Every game is a cup final now. but this game is a 6-pointer.”

“The Blades have really been tailing off though, recently and I suspect they’ll fade away as the season goes, they didn’t spend much money and are lacking in squad depth. “

“It’s the stage of the season where squad depth comes in to play and we showed at Ipswich that we can make changes without weakening. On the other hand Sheff Utd seem to be running out of steam and I doubt they currently have the depth to call on.”

“Who was dealing with their transfers when Wednesday swapped Butterfield for Winnall?”

“Reckon if we do go up then they owe a lot to Wednesday for the craziest transfer decision in the league’s history. Crazy”

“I remember when we considered Wednesday a ‘promotion rival’ Now they’re old gaffer is doing bits in the prem and they’re ‘unwanted’ striker is putting 3 points on the board for us!”

“Their fans think we will bottle it which is a bit rich when in last seasons play offs, their team of overpaid, overrated mercenaries were 1-0 up at home with 20 mins to go against a side who didn’t score a goal in last season’s play offs, and still lost.”

Pre-Match View From Sunderland

“Sheff utd are shit we might get a point”

“Sheff United have been awful of late.”

“Sheff U on a bad run”

“To me we SHOULD be strong enough to win at Sheff Utd providing they want as much as they undoubtedly will.”

“Next 2 games we have a real chanve to get good points on the board. sheffield utd have gone right off the pace and Forest away is very winnable. This is us of course so owt could happen.”

“Sheff U will play football and attack us. We may just surprise them. I think we will.”

“Think Bristol City will fall away and Sheff United have already began the slide.”

“We aren’t going to win”

“Cookie has gained 8 points from 6 games, carry that for the second half of the season will get us to 49 points. At the moment a better gd than the other 3 in the bottom 4.
I  feel that will be enough.”

“It’s not going to be pretty for a while so we just have to live with it at the moment. Hoping Coleman can do something in January both in and out. Got to get rid of leeches sucking the club dry… Mr Rodwell for example. How he can show his face in Sunderland is beyond belief. He exemplifies everything wrong in the current game”

“We’ve got so many players at that club who are incapable of showing one good reason we should pay them thousands of pounds a week.”

“Bottom team comes here runs rings round our ****e defence, and another woefull performance at home. We should have lost 4-1 yesterday”

“They try their best, bless ’em but cor blimey our defence looks iffy and our attack is pump.”

“until we get pace and enthusiasm in the team we are going to continue struggling.”

“We just don’t have enough good players to mix and match with.”

“Our bench is fucking tragic and I hope to God we’re not adrift by January. At least 3pts needed next 2 games imo”

“Could be a problem in midfield at Sheffield United on Boxing Day with Darren Gibson doubtful”

“So it is just the lower tier then? That upper tier was steep as owt as I recall – especially after a few pints felt like you were falling. Compared to some of the previous visits there it sounds like it will be like a morgue”

“I’ve gone over 2 rows of seats before in that stand, celebrating a goal that was then disallowed”

“Went to Sheffield United vs Chesterfield a couple of year ago and Annies Song sounded very good, bet it’s great on Derby day”

“They stole Annie’s song off Spennymoor Town”

Pre-Match View From Aston Villa

“Well, in the audition month to see whether we were to be automatic contenders or play-offs at best, we’ve not had the greatest start with a win and a loss. Thankfully it seems the wheels are coming off slightly for Sheff Utd too.
We need a win, as do they in order to keep in touch with the top 2 by any stretch of the imagination right now.
Hopefully Bruce decides not to be a blundering idiot by actually starting a striker this week.”

“Well Sheff U seem to be on the slide a bit, so we should be in a position to see them off quite comfortably”

“I think we will beat Sheff U, but then we do tend to beat average teams at home.”

“United are in crappy form too. They are there for the taking. We have to TAKE them…”

“They’ve lost 4 out of their last 5 matches, and drew the other at home to Blues. They’re certainly on the slide. We should beat them”

“1 defeat and everyone is in a flap. United are bad run and our home form has been excellent for over a year.  Big crowd. Big result.”

“The results haven’t gone their way but they have been playing better than us.”

“They will tear us to bits, in a how to play football sense.”

“they have still been playing far better than we have. I thought they were brilliant against Bristol city and would of gone on to win if it wasn’t for the sending off. I don’t buy this we should beat them. They have been unlucky that they have been on the run they have. If they play like they have been most of the season, then we will not win.”

“Just can’t see us being up for this , Blades may not be winning but from what I’ve seen of them at least they battle and have been unlucky . When was the last time we got beat and could honestly say we didn’t deserve it ?”

“Usually when teams are on a bad run of form…. they play villa and their streak is over!
Sheff utd are on a bad run…. teams are beating them… so Bruce and his coaches have plenty of recent examples of how to beat them. Look at their last 5 games, did the teams go all out attack? Go out wide and whip crosses in? Start fast or sit back and counter attack? Whatever worked …. spend time on the training pitch doing it!”

“Can anyone tell me the way we play ? I genuinely don’t know what we are trying to do , it seems to just be some sort of random “plan” based on whatever the opposition do . Just seem to make it up as we go along”

“Simple isnt it.
We gotta win !!!!.
If we dont. Automatic is long gone, we are out the top 6 and Bruce is on a tightrope.
However, they are on the slide, we are at home, big crowd.”

“could well be 40,000 on the gate.”

“Biggest crowd of the season”

“It should be a great atmosphere then.”

“Seems Samba is out, Jedinak will likely replace him.”

“I see Sheffield Utd are in the running for Ulla too – if of course we actually are. If they go for a straight buy, we’re up a creek without a paddle……. “

Pre-Match View From Preston

“Certainly going to be a tough game. They’re a very good side with momentum from their promotion last season, a decent squad and arguably THE outstanding manager in the football league over the last couple of years in Wilder. The amount of points he has picked up with Northampton and the Blades is outstanding.
However, we may be playing them at just the right time. We’re now on a decent run, they are winless in 4. Plus, their central midfield pairing of John Fleck (suspension) and Paul Coutts (broken leg) will both be unavailable and they have been an absolutely vital cog in their promotion back to this level and their success since.
AN will have a few dilemmas after today. Horgan has made a big impact. Woods will be back available but a reshuffled backline have done well today. Johnson, who’s been class this season, must be an option as well. Harrop has been good in the last couple of sub appearances as well, and must now be pushing for a start ahead of Browne who, whilst working his socks off, doesn’t create or threaten enough from such an advanced midfield role.
Could be a cracking game.”

“This will be an incredibly tough game. Their results have dipped recently but they battered Bristol City last week and hit the post or bar 4 times so it could easily have gone their way. They also have the Championships top goalscorer in Clarke and their 2nd highest Sharp has 2 more than our highest Hugill.
However on the back of 2 wins, 3 in 4 and 5 unbeaten we should be confident going into it.”

“Big game for us as a win would put us 2pts off Sheff Utd, who will still occupy 6th no matter what happens on Saturday. A win for them would stop this mini-slide they’re on though so i’m expecting a good game with both teams going for it.”

“the biggest game of our season so far as a win would put us in touching distance of the top 6.
Not sure who Sheff Utd have in reserve but no Coutts or Fleck is good news, didn’t think i’d ever say this but hoping we can keep Leon Clarke quiet. Potentially a good game as Sheff Utd won’t come here and sit back i don’t think.”

“The real decision for AN next week will be whether to persist with the same back-line as Saturday which until we got the breakthrough from a set-piece saw us struggling to sustain any fluency. Frankly if Woods is fit then I might start Clarke on the bench despite his goal today – we might not be so fortunate with it against higher quality opposition.”

“Still pretty limited who we can field at the back though while Woods is out again, with Spurr, Cunningham and Earl missing (all lefties).”

“Should be a good game this, neither manager will sit in so you’ve got to fancy a few goals aswell.I hope he doesn’t dick about at the back though, as against the better teams I think we’d get found out. “

“Because of Leon Clarke and Billy Sharp I’d suggest a back 3, with Clarke, Hunts and Davies in there. Hopefully we have enough to cover the wing back positions.”

“Harrop, Johnson, Gally and Horgan all have good long range strikes on them, maybe something Alex Neil has looked at.
Interesting game on Saturday, who would have thought that Leon Clarke would be the league’s danger man??
Probably a good pick for both teams to score.”

“while they are still playing well they are leaking goals for fun in their last few games. A positive looking North End are going to score against them in our current form. Really looking forward to this one and they always bring a few so should be a crackin atmosphere and hopefully we can extend our unbeaten run to 6 and get 3 wins on the bounce and also note only 2 points behind them if it works out which I suspect it will.”

“Are they really playing well? You might be right but their results are nosediving – especially since Coutts got injured.
I certainly agree with your prediction that we’ll win. Two points behind the play offs and we’ll be right back in it!”

“things aren’t going their way at the moment and now Fleck banned for 3 games on top of Coutts injury. Blades fans rate these two as their best at the back. Bring it on.”

“Really don’t know about Fleck, but that sounds good news too! Have heard the same about Coutts – that he was bang average until Chris Wilder was appointed.”

“Their fans are really worried about the loss of Coutts and Fleck with a lot of the teams good form being put down to this midfield partnership.
Obviously we are well aware of what it’s like having key players missing so it’s sort of even on that score.
Even with their two key players out I don’t think they are a team who will sit back, so that will suit us and I think it could be a very good day for the whites.”

“But they don’t play at the back! They are both central midfielders. Still, about time such things went against other teams. We have had, on balance, terrible luck this season.”

“If ex PNE player Paul Coutts is there captain and talisman (out injured at the moment) I would hope that we have progressed sufficiently to be able to get a result tbh …..
Always like Sharp tbh ….”

“I liked Coutts when he was here, tidy and confident with a bit of skill about him, always thought he should have scored more but he’s a good player.”

“Decent player. He’s finally found a manager who could get the best out of him.”

“Shame about his injury. Always thought he was a good player for us and enjoyed watching him.”

“4k Blades a welcome addition to the crowd on a traditional low attendance day usually caused by shithouse males letting the other half drag them around the shops xmas shopping”

“Dont mind being out numbered or out sung by Blades on Saturday – providing they go home miserable after giving us a load of cash “!”

Pre-Match View From Bristol City


“I’m so annoyed this have been moved to a Friday, especially given the two aways after this we’ve been given shite allocations for no explicable reason. Who’s going then & how many we gonna have up there? Should be pushing 750 you’d think given how big a game this is”

“I often get the feeling fans think we are a big club. And that we are almost owed premier league football? Or better years than we have recently have.  We’re really not a big club and in our current situation (3rd in the championship) we are punching well above our weight.  I think taking around 500 to our biggest game of the season so far is pretty poor. However, this is not neccisarily a dig at fans, because it is on sky and coming up Christmas etc. But just more of a point that we are not a big club. Last season everyone was so gob smacked about what went on and felt really put out. But for a club our size, 17th is about right.  I genuinely believe a team like Rovers, would take more Friday night, if they were in our situation.  This is very controversial, but I believe it’s true.”

“It’s on sky, transport is shit going anywhere from Bristol, it’s near to Christmas, I can understand around 600-700 for this one.”

“I’m not necessarily saying i can’t understand it. I’m just saying, it proves we’re not a big club.If Sheffield we’re coming to Bristol, they would easily bring 150”

“Well obviously we’re not a big club, we haven’t had years of sustained success at the top level, with supporters clubs all over the country in the same way Leeds do.”

“Last time Sheffield Utd came to Ashton Gate was 2014\15, they bought 752…………………”

“Was about to post similar. Fair enough Sheffield Wednesday but We have better away support than United.”

“Sorry, but we definitely don’t..: United’s away support last season was immense and they averaged well over 2k. They would bring at least 1,000 down for this game. Last season’s midweeks they sold out at Oxford, sold out at Rovers and had 1,800 at Swindon. This season’s midweeks they’ve had 1,200 at Cardiff, sold out 1,800 at QPR and 2,200 at Bolton. Their away support is miles better than ours over difference, we take less up north on a Saturday (see Hull, Barnsley, Wednesday, Huddersfield, Leeds etc al) compared with theirs. Daft thing to say and it’s completely unfounded.”

“Oh mate behave yourself. They are newly promoted back to this league and are on a massive up. Do you want me to dig out our away attendances in 2007/2008 when we were newly promoted after almost a decade absence from the Championship?”

“Be my guest. Dig up the 200 at Hull, 300 at Barnsley, 400 at Scunthorpe by all means. We averaged 1,850 that season, Blades averaged well over 2,000 last year and will average over 2,500 this year. They also haven’t had a sub 500 anywhere for 3 years, what on earth makes you think their away support isn’t better than ours?“

“I’ll be heading to Bramhall Lane on Friday. “

“this is the best squad I’ve seen since we last played top flight football.”

“Its easy to say it’s good when things are going well. We’ve seen the flip side before.  The one thing I’ve always dreamt of was having a manager that makes the team play At a better standard than the sum of its parts. I think we’re seeing that now.  I think we’re punching above our weight. And long may it continue”

“Personally I would say that the current squad harmony is the best I’ve ever seen at City. Everybody is working for each other and we have some real team players who are enjoying their football and it’s showing. “

“I said on Saturday night that this team / squad / group of players have got something about them, and i’m beginning to think our current position in the top 6 is justified, and not a flash in the fan.”

“You know what?
We actually have a chance of being playoff contenders.”

“the current squad is about the best City have had in my time watching the City. “

“I might be wrong but I have us down as slight favourites. I was laughed at by even the fans of my club for suggesting SU were in a false position and wouldnt be able to keep it up when 2nd three weeks ago. And so it has somewhat proved due to the loss of only 1 key player, although still early days I know. Wilder seems a great manager and I will back him to take SU up in the coming years but at the moment they have average players for this League totally overperforming. Maybe you could say the same about us but we are missing loads and continue to bounce back after bad results. “

“I feel dangerously confident for this, playing Blades at the right time. “

“Tough game and we never historically do well at Bramall Lane. I’ll take a point and I think we can manage that!
10 undefeated on the road.. “

“I think there are goals to be had against the big lad in goal. I saw him play for Wycombe last season and he seemed your average clumsy League Two’er. I was most surprised to see him at SU this season”

“Only seen him make a mistake at QPR I thought he’s looked alright. Moore was here a few years back, bang average keeper. “

“It’s interesting that Dean Holden and LJ played in the same team as Leon Clarke at Chesterfield, hopefully they’ll know how to handle him Friday”

“We relegated Sheff Utd back in the 80s at Bramall Lane when playoffs included the third from bottom team in the division above. My old man always talks about that day as the most scared he’s ever been at a match and he did the rounds”

Pre-Match View From Birmingham

“Bring on Sheffield United. We did OK second half on Wednesday but basically gifted em two real lame goals and that was game over. Horrible rainy night as well.
Need to keep it tight Saturday, cut out the mistakes, focus and play a bit. We regroup and go at it again. We refuse to revel in the misery, that’s not what we do. A few neat final balls and good efforts on goal early on would be nice.”

“Season starrttttssssss NOW”

“ I ain’t fussed if we have 0 shots on goal all game and are camped in our own half for 80 minutes if we get a major feck up (Colin-esque) own goal from them and win 1-0.
Just need points now.”

“Everyone will be able to see just how poor we really are. I’m getting to the stage where, although looking forward to matches as always, I dread each match and what will happen to us.
Our squad is so unbalanced and also lacks a creative central midfield player and goal scorer so we are up against it no matter who we play. I reckon even Stourbridge could give Blues a run for their money nowadays and they’ve got problems themselves.
Somebody please give me a straw to catch hold of because I’m rapidly sinking.”

“If we can come away with another 2-0 defeat we will have done well as we’ll be hoping for other team’s results going our way. “

“Absolute disaster…we have spent £16m ? and are in a desperate state.
Why did we sack Rowett?
Why didn’t we give Redknapp a chance with the players he bought?”

“A minimum of 4 goals for Sheff Utd on Saturday. We don’t tackle and show no fight at all. Get that early goal and our heads drop. It’s all too predictable” “further trashings against Sheff Utd and Wolves and SC might be shown the door.”

“Our chances of getting anything is minimal”

“Blues’ away record: 9 games played, 3 goals scored, 19 conceded, 6 conceded in the first 15 mins”

“Why is it that 11 footballers can perform so differently away from home compared to at their home ground?
It’s not like the pitches change things any more and they don’t have long journeys, Blues flew up yesterday.
It’s actually pathetic.”

“Why the fuck are we so shit away? Like how is this even possible? This team is so fucking hit and miss we could smash fucking wolves and lose to Sunderland! What the actual fuck”

“Not sure what our fitness/rehabilitation team are doing re. Adams…he’s had to come off 3 times hasn’t he with hamstrings? Throw into the mix all the other hamstring problems with other players…..?”

“Take your boots you might get a game the way it is going”

“We’re going to get dry humped the next three games”

“We’re gonna get dry bummed on Saturday, they should put it on the Adult Channel.”

“They aren’t allowed to televise anal sex.”

Pre-Match View From Fulham

“Tough, tough game this, and one I’m not looking forward to. Typical, tough, physical, well drilled side that we always struggle against, and on top of this, they are playing with confidence.
Not quite sure what they’re feeding them up there, possibly just good tactics, confidence, and a desire to win games, but at the moment, it doesn’t seem to be a fluke.
As it stands, Sheffield United are 2nd in the Championship, have lost just 5 games, haven’t drawn any, but are also joint 2nd in goals scored.
We should have a fit Johansen back, plus Kebaon, and an un-suspended McDonald, but, we will still fall short of goals upfront with Fonte’ and Kamara.
I can only see another loss here, however, would be delighted if we came away with another draw.”

“No way we can win this.”

“We have two chances on Tuesday, a dogs chance and a snowballs chance in hell.
Of course global warming may have hit hard in Yorkshire and hell may just have cooled down a bit.
There that is positive thinking, just wish I could think how and when a Fulham striker is going to score a goal.”

“I’m sure the players don’t go into a match saying “no way can we win this” and neither should we.  Ok, we aren’t favorites but there is always a chance.”

“The performance Saturday suggested to me our confidence is creeping back. Norwood and Kamara are finally settling in and learning what role they can play in our system. McDonald and possibly Johansen will be back, if not we’ve the kids chomping at the bit. Sheffield United are nothing special, certainly no more intimidating than Derby. Plus we’ve the advantage that they’ve not experienced our style before. They’ll think we’re bloody Barcelona!”

“Our away record is decent and we certainly can win this.  We played quite well yesterday, have McDonald to return and can give it a go.  Sheffield will be under some pressure to attack us and that may just play into our hands.” “I do think we have more chance after what we showed yesterday- more fight and intensity, players covering back defensively, and looking stronger at the back, though still prone to those  silly errors and losing possession in  defensive areas, which again cost us a goal yesterday.”

“We’re genuinely shocking with McDonald. He’s vital to how we play”

“Been our player of the season by a mile He’s Everywhere. Nowhere near where he was last year but so far one of the few to come out this year with much credit.
Classy player and I’d hate to sell him”

“Lets not lie. On paper we have a much better team than Sheffield United. So don’t know why people are saying there is ‘no way we can win this’ that being said it will be a very tough game.”

“Let’s not lie ?
Nurse he’s out of bed again.
But you just have. They are 16 points clear of us, almost twice as many points. They are more consistent, tougher, stronger, better coached, far better in the air. They have more leaders and fighters.
I shall name you Cyclopes, as you are so one eyed, it’s criminal. ?
They have scored more goals and let in less.
They know how to win, they have won three times as many as us, and they don’t bother with draws.
They have more Bolox than us. They are well drilled on the basics.
  Their players have more character than ours. They know how to front up and defend a lead, and they know how to win at home 7 out of 8.
Having said that, on the day anyone can beat anyone else, and I hope we can turn them over.
But to say we have far better players, that is blind loyalty.”

“Player for player we have better players than them, They might have more character, spirit and fight or whatever but footballer for footballer we have the better team.  Not saying it means we will win but is stupid to say we have no chance.”

“I’m afraid the game isn’t played on paper” “Stupid to say we have no chance……….I totally agree.

“Not sure we have a much better team though.  Toothless attack, centre mids prone to errors, some very questionable summer signings.  Player for player I think the claim that we are better is rather debatable.”
To say we have a much better team than them is incredibly short sighted as they have a team that have consistently beaten teams we have consistently struggled against.
I’ll admit now and say I will struggle to name 5/6 Sheff Utd players, but just because we have a few big names in midfield makes us a target for smaller teams rather than saying we are stronger than other teams who have been better than us.
But that’s not to say we can’t win, confidence means a hell of a lot in this league, and who knows what mentality comes out of the dressing room this week”

“We have the capacity to destroy them, and most other teams in this league, as per last season. Will we? Hmm.”

“they’ve had easy-ish fixtures but it remains a tricky fixture always and teams like Southampton have done the double bounce before. And of course they made Sheffield Wednesday look like they’re Bolton so can’t be taken lightly and if continue their momentum they could be the type of club that can stay in the 6 then strengthen in January too. It’s my belief they’ll end around 9th to 12th but look capable of pushing for top 6 right to the end.”

“I watched Sheff U against Leeds, yes they have a decent team that hassle and press, but underlying their success is cheating and a professionalism beyond sport. Perhaps I’m naive to think the game should be played with some degree of honor. The “he has taken one for the team” is a norm nowadays and fair enough if there remains doubt of perhaps a mistimed tackle. Not a rugby tackle. I don’t want to watch Fulham play as so many others do if that is now what is needed to get out of the Championship”


Pre-Match View From Burton


“On Friday night, we take on another one of the newly promoted sides – Sheffield United. Unfortunately, this newly promoted side appear to be doing quite well!
Head to head (Oldest to newest – from our perspective):
LWWDW – Not bad…!
Burton last 6: LDLLLW
Sheffield last 6: LWWWLW (both losses coming away from home)”
Interestingly, Sheffield United’s away form (8 games) is split 4 wins, 4 losses. 
Realistically – A loss is expected. But, you never know, Sheffield seem to falter away from home (a little…), and we have managed to look much better in the past 3 games. “

“Hanson–Clarke–Donaldson–Sharpe, a very aggressive front line, who are scoring a lot of goals –Brooks one of many talented youngsters making their mark.
Freeman–Basham–Coults–Duffy–Cloughi knows these well, Their defence a tough solid unit that don’t take prisoners.After Millwall away that match was good practice for another hard slog”

“Bring on the Blades and Mr Duffy!”

“Duffy is just what we need at the moment in my opinion. He can pick a pass”

“He’s the centre of the Blades team”

“Sheffield United won’t be easy.”

“its our home form that’s been very poor this season, conversely our form on the road has been good even before today.. Letting in 14 goals in the previous 4 home games isn’t good enough and nobody can deny that”

“Goals conceded at home is worse but we’ve scored more at home and picked up one more point than we have done away. “

“I’m not sure Brayford will be ready. I don’t think Cloughie will risk him till he’s 100%+. If he doesn’t there’s every chance we won’t see Brayf again”

“Brayford is out for another 5 or 6 weeks.”

“Brayf was brilliant for us last season but injury wise his signing was always going to be a big gamble and one that just hasn’t paid off for us. “

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