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View From Wednesday

Blades 0- O Owls


“10 man Wednesday reserves couldn’t be broken down by Chris ‘Pep Guardiola he’s one of our own’ Wilder’s Barcelona team. Their bubble has burst. 12 months and they’ll be catching pneumonia in our shadow again.”

“A full team out injured, down to 10 men, new manager one week in…and they still couldn’t score at home! Made me laugh that”

“why wouldnt we be bouncing. They couldnt beat 10 of our reserves”

“Bless. They were expecting to win 10-0 and we spoilt their party.”

“United failed to beat a 10 man, mostly reserve team.”

“Can’t beat our second string, which was down to 10 men for the best part of 30 minutes. They are shat. Well done Wednesday reserves.” “F*****g heroes  11 players out and 10 men Sheffield United you complete set of useless t*ssers”

“They were going to do the double weren’t they?  They are secretly gutted they haven’t” “

‘We can’t wait..’. Idiot.  Can’t wait to see Wilder eat those words.”

“CHRIS WILDER ON THE DERBY: ‘We can’t wait… I’m not so sure that’s the case with the opposition’  Loved it Chris.  All gob. They’ll be turning against him soon enough.”

“Bless them and their thick as pig poo manager. An absolute match made in heaven.” “Awe, them poor ickle piggies.”

“The worst club in the football league. They think everybody owes them something. No class at all. They think they are a good team 1 win out of ten, and they still believe they will get promoted. The fans are hated everywhere they go. I bet they are smashing London Road up are i type. uto”

“The smaller club always makes a big deal out of beating their larger rival. Everton beating Liverpool, Tottenham beating Arsenal (although that is changing) etc etc. Shows how poor the league is this year that they are 6th in the league, that’s the frustrating thing. If we had half our team back and firing we’d be up there.”

“the first time this season I’m genuinely proud to be an owl, think I might grow a tash in homage to jos”

“Big pressure game and we find out we are not as sh11t as we thought we were.”

“Second best performance of the season after Villa away for me. We were organised, committed and showed tremendous fight. The organisation is particularly impressive given we were playing a formation we’d never used before. The boys can be very proud of that, especially when we were down to ten men.”

“ Best performance of the season.”

“What a game”

“a proper game of football. Under the circumstances, our reserve side and down to 10 men, it was a great result.”  

“Best of the season for me because it showed real heart. “

“Smashed it. No shirking tackles, no half measures. Essentially a second rate side.  Well done, Sheffield Wednesday. You’ve made us all proud. “

“Feels like a  win. Credit to their keeper at the end for that save. Was there any pig fans in there though I couldn’t hear any “

“Moral victory to us.”

“Our patched up, low on confidence team turned up and matched them.  Wilder and co looked gutted at the end. Gutted. Long time since I felt proud of them. Moral victory ? You bet it was.”

“Pride restored”

“ Pride restored: Proud: Proud of the support. Proud of the performance. Proud we held 11 men, two linesmen and a ref.”

“Don’t think they’ll make the play offs TBH. Lots of effort with little end product. Playing a high tempo game all season long is difficult . Think tey looked leggy at the end and we looked most likely”

“They kind of looked like us 2 years ago running teams ragged and then resorting to shooting from outside the box. amazing how we were odds on favourite in August and now breathing a massive sigh of relief at getting a point. i missed the first two goals at S6 so technically we are evens”

“We kept calm and dealtj with united easily. We covered up so well.  In less than a week we’ve got fitter, more positive and play as a team.  We can go places with our new manager. Well done tonight”

“If this is a sign of things to come, it looks like Chansiri has played a blinder in bringing Jos in”.

View From Ipswich

Ipswich 0-1 Blades

“Yes we had a few out but Sheff Utd played virtually a reserve side and still we fail to muster even a single shot on target ? Not f**king One worthy of being called an effort on goal, I mean FFS, it’s the FA Cup and I know MM doesnt give a toss about it but 12,000 cared enough to turn up and that is what you all serve up you hopelsess pile of crap !!I suppose for 15 minutes we looked ok, yes we should have had a penalty early doors after Chambo’s header was clearly stopped by a Sheffield players arm but aside from that we got worse and worse and worse, a lack of cohesion throughout, no game plan, Eleven players who seemed to ahve been thrown together and told to go out and give it their best shot, and all this against opponents who made Eight changes themselves !!!

“We didn’t have a shot in 90 minutes.
I mean, surely nobody can defend that?”

“Pretty easy to defend against I’d have thought. Sheff managed ok.”

“We didn’t have a shot against Sheffield reserves!!!!”

“They could have played with a sweeper keeper and still have nought to worry about.”

“Nothing at all positive, f#ckin freezing cold, like watching a pre season friendly.”

“I don’t say this offensively but, does Mick McCarthy have brain diseases or is he just fully blind? Saying we played well without a shot on target is the worst thing you could possibly say. “

“You wonder if MM tries to wind the fans in every interview now.” “it’s like he had a psychotic break after Sheff U scored and was watching the great match in the sky, where we came back to win 5-1.
Everyone was happy, loud chants of “Super Mick!” could be heard reverberating round a packed Portman Road….
Then the final whistle went, he snapped out of it, and had to do an interview he wasn’t prepared for.”

“He is a narcissist in full blown denial, I mean to be happy with that you have be away with the fairies, on another plane of existance altogether.”

“That was absolutely awful to watch. It seemed like it was harder to not shoot than it was to have a go. It looked like the tactics were not to equalise at all costs in the second half to avoid a replay.
It seemed like there was no interest in winning and people had to pay to watch that. MM out his style and football ta tics if that what they’re called were not to win today.”

“we had a winnable tie today against a Sheffield United side that had made 8 changes, and Mick decided to leave his aforementioned preferred front 2 on the bench in favour of Sears who quite frankly hasn’t in recent months earned that right to start for us.
I don’t care if there were 10,000 or 30,000 Town fans there today, or if they paid £10 or £30 for their ticket, the level of contempt we’ve shown to cup competitions since Mick took over is disgusting. I could’ve perhaps accepted this is we were in danger of going down, or with a sniff of going up this season and Mick prioritised the league, but given we effectively have nothing to play for I find it staggering.”

“To be fair I think that was pretty much the best team Mick could have picked today apart, I suppose, from the front players. We should cut him some slack because of the injuries despite the fact that some of them may be the club’s fault e.g. not rehabbing Bish Hyam and Adeyemi properly. And it’s not like he sent them out with instructions to not shoot.”

“A limp, no efforts on goal, home defeat in a very winnable cup tie that could have led to a money spinning and exciting tie for the clubs supporters in the next round to disengage themselves from the absolute pointless nothingness that following this club has become in the last decade.
Going nowhere. What is the actual friggin point?
I’m starting to think that Town go into fixtures on the back of pure obligation and to avoid a fine for not showing up.”

“I’ve had enough of watching boring football, I knew like many others that we’d lose today against a reserve Sheffield United team. Totally disillusioned with the club, no atmosphere in the ground, unfortunately we’re known as a turgid dogged side. When are we going to stop being this crap”

“Crowd today was 12k. Lowest in what, 20 years? And i imagine the Blunts brought a few.”

“If they were blunt i’m not sure what we where!”

“12,000 was probably not the actual either and the bought only 1,200 which was poor from them.”

“Actually, 1200 from the Blunts for a nothing cup game for their reserves is a good effort.”

View From Derby

Derby 1-1 Blades

“Sheffield United looked like a good side. Based on today, I’d say they’re still a good bet to finish in the top six and I’m not really sure why or how their form has dropped off and they’ve lost to some of the teams they have. For us, we looked tired. That’s not an excuse, there’s no reason why we should have been any more tired than Sheffield United. Their style is a game we could have thrived under and not many teams come to PP and play the way they did, but for whatever reason it just didn’t work today. In wider context, it’s a very good point. We could easily have lost that. They scored from probably their only clear chance of the game but they always looked capable of creating something every time they came forward”

“Sheffield United were fantastic at times, best side I’ve watched home and away this season”

“Fair play to Sheffield United, come to a tough place, should’ve got the win and the fans were in full voice throughout the 90 minutes.”

“Sheff Utd did better than I expected. They either played out of their skins or they have had some real bad results lately.”

“Credit where it’s due. Sheffield United are a good teambeen the better team in both games against us this season. Like how they use the 3-5-2 to attack rather than sit back” “Didn’t deserve a point at all, they were a lot better than us all over the pitch.” “Sometimes certain teams just have the measure of you and the Blades are one of those teams against us right now. So, all things being considered I don’t think that’s a bad point. We weren’t good and to my mind they looked the better team.”

“Sheff Utd plays well I thought; pinned us back with power and strength and I’ve not seen our centre halves get less success in the air all season, although with the amount of set pieces they had I thought they coped well.”

“Sheff Utd looked good today tbf, had a lot more energy. Deserved to lose so a point is good”

“They were the better side. Impressed with them”

“Sheff U are a good side and we’ve managed two lucky points against them”

“Another great point gained against a good side in this division”

“they were a very good side and this will probably be looked back as a point won. We’ve come away with something after being outplayed completely”

“Deserved to lose, so deffo take a point.” 

“Can’t really grumble with a point against a play-off contender.”

“Another point on the board against a decent enough team.”

“A point is not bad after Sheff U’s pressure and workrate.”

“Can’t believe how much that donkey Leon Clarke has improved this season. Kudos to United for coming for the 3 points.”

“Yet another performance whereby from the very first minute, we played on the back foot and looked to play on the counter.
Are we simply not good enough to dictate the tempo against sides in this league? Do we really think we can continue to pick up results playing in this manner?
We didn’t deserve anything from this game in truth. Sheff Utd tried to win the game and we simply were trying to stop them from doing that.”

“Exhausting to watch one team play today and us be so random. Was so sad about it I wanted to cry. Seriously.” 

“both sides looked really knackered towards the end.”

“Thought the ref made a massive howler in our favour today. Fair result, game petered out after they equalised. ”

“Definite penalty. handball and a foul.”

View From Bolton

Blades 0-1 Bolton


“wow, genuinely stunned, Parky actually changed formation and played two up front, think we just had the first half, and after seeing the reply, looked like a penalty to make it 2-0. They had the second half, probably should have scored but we threw everything at that…Madines goal wasn’t popular (but he is a complete arsehole to be fair)”

“weird that our first win was at home to Wednesday and the first win away was against United”

“I’m just picking my jaw up off the floor and and back breathing again…what a result that I never saw coming!!”

“Probably result of the season, win away at a top 6 side. With a number of key players out injured.”

“great win 
one swallow does not make a summer.
 my head is not wobbling yet.
why has it taken until 30/12.17 to produce an away win, could quite easily been 1-1
judgement on the manager still out.”

“I was expecting a right tonking today, especially when I saw our teamsheet, well done Parky and the players, its results like this why supporting Bolton is bloody great!”

“Got a but nervy when we were pissing about with it in the corner and they missed a sitter, but thought we played quite well overall.”

“Great win!!! Like the Cardiff game I would never have expected that………. and it just had to be their favourite player Madine”

“Phill surprised Sheffield with 3-5-2. They did not seem to know how to handle it. Madine was superb. They just could not handle his power.”

“Great result and occasion
First half we were great, second was attritional against a very average side. Not sure either keeper makes a save 2nd half.
Alnwick with a cracker end of first half.Madine was v good – solid and got fuck all off the ref. Looked a clear pen on him from the ground
Don’t think they’ll be that bad again but take it where you can”

“those cunts also thought the ref was against them as referenced above from their forum, when the only big decision was to not award a certain pen on…..yes, Madine”

“poor ref should of been a penalty and 2-0 to us”

“Should fleck have seen red for a stamp?”

“I just don’t see how we won that. They’re massive and take thousands to every game they play. They couldn’t possibly lose to the likes of us unless we cheated or the ref was bent”

“Fucking magnificent. Madine 1-0. Would’ve taken that over a repeat of our historic 13-0 over them no-marks.”

“Fuckig Love beating gthose cunts”

“Of all the teams to finally win away at, that was most satisfying”

“Sore losers those lot.”

View From Sunderland

Blades 3-0 Sunderland

“They are a good side to be fair. Worse teams will do the double over us this season”

“Oh well back to the alcohol”

“No corners or shots on target, poor defending…. letting crosses happen and giving free headers.”

“Expected to lose but not in such a hopeless manner. We were awful.”

“Men against boys
Clueless ,gutless,passionless absolute utter dross”

“That first hour of football. One of if not the worst of the season?”

“We play football?
The Father Ted over 75 priest team would beat us”

“Watched most of the 1st of in POC and the writing was on the wall after 5mins”

“we’re ****. We have to admit it.
It’s like having an alcohol problem.
No-one can help you until you admit it.”

“Absolute embarrassment but it’s no real suprise to anyone surely. O’Shea and Wilson cannot cope with any bog standard forward who is physical or fast. We’ve got far too may players who simply aren’t up to the physical challenge of this league- Gooch, Oviedo, Honeyman get knocked off the ball and referees allow much more physical challenges so we just concede possession time after time.”

“Sheffield United ffs”

“We were playing a team who had picked up two points in their last six games.
To lose 3-0 in the way we did is absolutely shambolic. “
 “We’ve just had the double done on us by a side that was in the THIRD division last season.”

“What have supporters done to deserve this?
Sheff Utd were 2 divisions below us last season FFS”

“Sheffield United done the double over us it’s a shambles”

“They have now utterly dominated in four halfs of football”

“Been following Sunderland since 1976 can’t ever remember Sheffield beating us once in a season never mind fucking twice. You fucking cockwombles”

“Disgrace. Slaughtered by a team of journeymen”

“WTF do you think we are? A well designed well drilled professional outfit?”

“Most of our players have played in the premier league. How many have theirs. Disgraceful.”

“I wouldn’t actually say they were that much better than us. Scoreline flatters them imo”

“It flatters our defence that it wasn’t more.”

“They didn’t dominate us like Birmingham did”

“Simple difference between the sides – we get a couple of set pieces and look utterly toothless- they get one and score easily”

View From Aston Villa

Villa 2-2 Blades


“Sheff Utd have lost 4 out of 5 and only managed a draw at home to the Scum from Small Heath. This is their biggest result in 6. No surprise there though!”

“Clayton Donaldson. Says it all.”
“Bruce will probably sign him in January”
“2 brilliant finishes from x bluenose Clayton Donaldson (why did they get rid of him)”

“Dreadful , gutless , pathetic performance by almost every player – Davis a donkey , snograss ,Elmo and hourihane all weak and lacked balls – as for the rest not worthy of any positive mention . jedinak a joke of a defensive display”

“Gutless cowards. they don’t deserve a xmas party. All useless and don’t give a shit about the club”

“Dreadful. Plus we were fortunate to get a penalty. “

“Shocking, shocking, shockingly low grade football, from too many players. I had to watch the game through my fingers, such was the embarrassment of so many factors of their play. “

“We didn’t have the ball in their half for long enough because whilst we should have gone through the floor at them, we kept going long which is exactly what they wanted.”

“Felt very fortunate that we found ourselves two nil up. It happened too quickly for our players or management to realise what position we were in. We looked hungry and first to the ball for ten mins and then as soon as they scored their first youcoukd see he confidence, ideas or game plan totally sap out of our players.”

“I think people get the wrong impression that being 2-0 up so early was particularly impressive. What we did was score two goals from set pieces not open play. Which kind of sums the match up because we would still be playing now and not look anything like scoring from anything we created. Its not as if we were ripping into them before or after we scored or up to when they scored. We never looked like getting anywhere near a third goal.”

“We couldn’t have had a better start and then proceeded to throw it away. I thought Jedinak was diabolical and too easily bullied and Chester whilst not as bad was also too hesitant and bullied.”

“can’t see anything other than a struggle to fend off sheff utd , Ipswich or even preston for that last play off place . “

“Poor performance from our manager. Grealish was running rings around their number 6 ( who should have gone for two bookings) until he was banished out on the left to accommodate two headless chickens up front.”

“I must have been watching a different game, I thought we were alright compared to recent performances. Grealish was superb, completely different team with him in the starting 11. Unlucky not to nick it in the second half. Take away Jedinaks two individual mistakes and we were by far the better team. Not much Bruce can do about Jedi completely missing the ball twice, but I imagine Bruce will take the flak for it”

“Well, can’t say much more than has already been said. 3 shots on target with 60% possession…. Sheffield United are a very average championship side, with what has been spent we should expect to beat them. What about the youth? O’hare? Do we not have a centre half we could have blooded against an average championship team?”

“ If I was a fan of Wigan or Hull and we were 5th in the league and in with a good shout of the playoff I’d probably be happy. I’m actually a Villa fan,a club who had been ever present in the Premier league , a Club who 90% of football fans still see as a premier club and expect us to go back up , With our squad we should be challenging Wolves shouldn’t we ?
We had a 10m striker on the bench yesterday and Sheffield had clayton Donaldson in their starting line up !”

“We should be mullering these hard working but limited ability teams at Villa Park Shouldn’t We?”

“ Another disappointing home performance. Sheffield are clearly on the downslide and were there for the taking yet we still hand them a point on a plate.”
“On the face of it going 2 up in 10′ and then being pegged back could be interpreted as failure, but Sheff Utd’s first goal was Route One and their second was due to luck … bad for Jedinak, who misjudged the bounce of the ball and good for SU, who scored. “

“We started brightly (obviously) and I thought that the attitude of the players was excellent – at 2-0 up, we relaxed too much and then couldn’t get our impetus back in the rest of the half. Second half was more even, but the longer it went on, the more I thought we were the only winners. The referee was iffy – I haven’t seen our penalty (or the shout shortly afterward) so can’t comment – but I think 99 times out of a hundred, the player that pulled Grealish back whilst on a yellow gets sent off – that changes the game.”

“Were you watching in person, or on TV? With the benefit of the TV angle, I don’t even think it was a free kick. Grealish went to ground as soon as he felt
a breeze on his shoulder. Certainly shouldn’t have been a second yellow. “

“Steve Bruce has no business as our manager. Pathetic.”

“Absolutely dire. **** off bruce.”

“to the Sheffield United fans who hired a box by us and then proceeded to show a complete lack of respect by continuously antagonising the fans in front of them up yours
They eventually got evicted and rightly so. Even a “friendly” word from JT failed to stop them. Muppets”

“Regarding the Sheffield United fans…..Well In all my years of following Villa away, they and Wednesday fans have always for me, stood out as total gobshites and I mean that in every sense of the word.”

“a number of Villa fans in front of me were aggressively goading the Sheffield U fans the other side of lower witton at 1-0 then even more at 2-0. It was pathetic to see and forced a police line up when it got back 2-2 as the tossers from both lots of supporters threatened each other knowing they were never going to be put to the test. Friendly banter is one thing but mindless aggression at a sporting event made me wonder what I was doing there with my wife and family. The police should have thrown out the drunken middle aged adolescent thickos from both sets of “supporters” who give football a bad name.”

View From Preston

Preston 1-0 Blades

“Great win. We were excellent second half. Was disappointed with Sheff Utd but obviously missing their whole first choice midfield. Clarke worked hard but Ben Davies had him in his pocket all game, would have been my MOTM but can’t really argue with Pearson who was class again.”

“Thank goodness the real Leon Clarke has arrived back in the championship. Not a great game. But a fine win. Nice One”

“Good 3pts. First half was dull and scrappy with Sheffield Utd edging it but second half we upped our game and Pearson and Robinson in particular we’re quality. Hugill found an extra level too, great ball by Robinson for his goal.
Sheffield Utd had some decent pressure later in the game but we looked comfortable, defence was solid and I don’t remember Maxwell making a real save. Professional job.”

“That was the best, most inventive I’ve seen us move the ball around in years!
Confidence on the ball, crisp passing, inventive movement. Loved it.
Fans were as flat as a fart in the first half. The team deserved better.”

“My sentiments exactly. Watching some of the movement and passing in the second half between Pearson, DJ, Robinson, Gally, and the rest, was superb. They controlled the game and dictated everything that was happening. What really struck me was that at times you thought they’d just continue moving forward, but they were happy to bring it back, play with it and find more space before continuing play forward. It meant we had more men forward and looked a true attacking threat. In my opinion we’re maturing as an attacking team. The first part of the season we were hectic going forward, and it came off but we derailed slightly. Today, we looked good, composed, confident, and enjoyed playing. We’re improving each game. Well done boys, and bring on forest.”

“Good win today, first half was pretty poor, we would of won that at a canter if we had won more of the 50/50 balls”

“Solid performance. North End turned on the gas in a brisk spell that tired out the visitors and pressured them into losing their shape.”

“Tough afternoon but a great result.”

“Great 3 points against a team above us the league (for now);”

“Sheff. Utd were well organised and we had to earn the right to play, which we did towards the end of the first half. thought the central defenders were excellent when SU started hoofing it to their big forwards at the end. ”

“The fans were poor, the only reason I can think of is the freezing conditions. However, our gates are poor 2 points off the playoffs and only 11k home fans? Awful considering that we are a club with history.”

“Out round town as we speak, having a couple of beers with some blades, top lads they are. They keep going on about pigs and I’ve no idea what they mean??? Nice One”

View From Bristol City

Blades 1-2 Bristol City


“To the United fans. A little slice of karma. 
After complaining about every hard tackle from City, you boo an opposition player who was clearly badly injured by a terrible tackle. Now fair enough, you may not agree with the decision, but surely after he hobbles off with the assistance of two physios and gets substituted, you could maybe stop shouting “cheat” at him. And maybe not boo him after the final whistle as he’s limping badly down the tunnel. Haven’t been so happy to inflict defeat on a team in a long time. Both of our goals came after the referee let play continue following bad challenges from your players too.  You played well, but you met a resilient team with leaders and playmakers. Unluckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

“Agreed. Utter cocks.”

“Horrible club. Tinpot to the core. All the media hype around them makes this even better. Media lap them up for no real reason. Haven’t really done anything of note in football….probably in their history. Ground is old as hell and never full. Fans that think they’re great but really aren’t. Give that whole “northern steel” crap but today cried and whinged over every shove.  They are literally a northern version of West Ham. Wilder is a **** as well”


“United played some nice stuff and I can see why they’re up there. Don’t think we deserved 3 points at all but we rode our luck and took our chances.
A shame that their fans don’t know what a dangerous challenge looks like.”

“If Korey is out long term, our season could be proper fucked. He’s so vital to how we play. We’ll take those 3 points as compensation thanks very much Blades.”

“Didn’t play well but rode our luck. 
This is what promotion winning sides do – grind out tough wins away from home. Make no mistake, this is a City team of the like we haven’t seen for 9 years, arguably even better. Genuine promotion contenders now.” 

“Whilst we were bemoaning we were lucky first half TS saying  it was a perfect away performance, and overall we deserve it”

“Dirty basdeds… got what they deserved. Well done, City… totally took over possession after the deserved red card and was only a matter of time when we won it.”
“I don’t know but would genuinely love to know what Sheffield United have done to make them a marmite team that people love to hate…in fact I don’t know many people who really give a monkeys about them,. In my opinion they will fade away and finish outside the playoffs”.

“Good team, better than I gave them credit for previously.  The manager is an utter cock though.” 

“They are one of those teams who people love to hate – I am not particularly fond of them myself, but they were phenomenal this evening. Brilliantly set up from the get go, I’m not even sure we played ‘badly’ pre-red card, I think they just played very well. Couple of very good technical players, before seeing them I had presumed they were just over-achieving. How wrong I was.
Make no mistake about it, that’s a tremendous result. They will be up there come May!”

“I do think their team are solid. They played a good game and were unlucky not to do better. Ah well. “

“I thought they were excellent up until the red card. Fleck cost them the game and deservedly so.. if Korey is out of action for a long time, we could really suffer. He’s so vital to the way we play.”

“Sheffield United played well, we rode our luck and snatched it Good teams find a way”

“Best team i have seen this season. Very unlucky tonight.”

“Interesting result.
I believe Wilder is a future England manager.
But horror tackle that lost the game for his team.
Look they are a good team at this level but I don’ think they have what it takes for promotion.
Don’t think we do either but enjoying it all the same.”

“blades were decent, agree with the above they were perhaps unlucky tonight but that was brainless by fleck, cost them the game.”

“Great result, even if undeserved.
Red card had a massive influence, but wasn’t undeserved.”

“Fair play to Sheffield Utd, played some really good stuff and you can see why they’re around the play offs, as a neutral I would have been loving their CB play and how they got forward themselves, used the wing back system to great use. As others say Fleck cost them that.”

“First team go get behind us so easily this season. Looked good. But I will take that all night long. One word resilience”

“Day light robbery and I don’t even careeeee”

“Would love to sign Mark Duffy. Would fit into our system a treat”

“Harsh on the woodwork not getting motm”

“Sky really don’t want to give us any credit, do they?”

“Big credit to the referee, great advantages played for both our goals.”

“Micheal Brown biased cunt”

“Brown and Keith Andrew could barely give any credit to City. How many times did they mention. United hitting the woodwork 4 times?  Dear oh dear………”

“The whole commentary was a Sheffield United love-in.  Totally biased as was Mr Brown and Mr Andrews. Tough luck chaps “

“Now Higginbottom calling it smash snd grab. W&nkers!”

“Not sure what he issue is. He has been pretty much spot on. They on the face of it should have won if they had kept 11 on the pitch and Reid did have a bad game. I think he called it spot on. But I will take that win every day. Happy days”

“Christ we get worked up dont we over what in reality was a fairly fortunate win for us! **** me lets just take the points be grateful and move on like..”

“Wilder could be in trouble for those comments”

“How the hell can he blame the ref? What a complete knob & bad loser.”

View From Millwall

Millwall 3-1 Blades


“A real backs to the wall performance and a terrific result. . Their self confidence let them down. They had clearly seen many videos of us retreating back to our trusted formula of two banks of four and began to push the ball about with ease. We were not helping by backing off and gifting them space and they duly obliged by giving us the run around.. Their mob had half emptied in disgust by full time as we all knew that for twenty minutes they had the game in the palm of their hand and blew it.”

“fantastic result, didn’t see it coming, to be honest. I’ll take that any day of the week”

“Much needed points, not playing their best and winning will hopefully give them a boost, in the run up to christmas”

“Dry spell over? Three goals from open play when was the last time we managed that.”

“Classic millwall, lose at home to Burton and outclass Sheffield United. Never boring”

“for long periods cpuld have gone either way. we played.hardly any football but strangely deserved it and lioked dangerous with each break”

“We couldn’t get in their half for a good while”

“they had a 10 minute spell at the start of the second half, after that it was quite even”

“They were a decent side, much better than some of the fanny merchants we’ve seen down here, like Reading and Norwich City.
Thought they looked a better side than us, but we deserved the win – if that makes sense.”

“An entertaining clash which the Lions deservedly won. “

“Rumour has it Hutchinson is still in the changing room, he is having terrible trouble getting Clarke out of his pocket”

“Ha hahahah they were pure shit today anyone seen Leon Clarke? To me I swear he was in Jake coopers back pocket all game”

“Sheffield United, who the fuck are they?”

View From Fulham

Blades 4-5 Fulham


“What can you say? Phew….
Whole stadium giving standing ovation. What a game. Early days but we could be seeing the fulham of the 2nd half of last season again. No coincidence our upturn in performances is with TC in the team. Makes us tick.
Well done fulham, well done”

“We had 7 shots, 6 on target, 5 goals. That’s not like us!”

“For the first time this season That I can remember the opposition had more possession than us. We win away AND score 5 goals! Something odd is going on… “

“Must be the first time in many games where the BBC stats indicate the oppo had more than us.”

“Just like last season. Don’t worry about conceding 2, 3 or even 4 goals as long as we can outscore them, it doesn’t matter!”

“Great 3 points but my god all 4 of there goals were too soft. Button for first too were bloody dreadful, third took deflection so will let him off and 4th how he was left so free was outrageous.
That result will paper over the cracks I feel however we need to sort this out and we would be far further up that league and we were lucky we out scored more than we gifted away”

“To score five goals away from home against the league leaders is some achievement and congratulations to Ryan for his hat trick. Mind you we nearly buckled. At 5-2 with four minutes to go you would think a win pretty safe, but this is Fulham so our usual final few minutes wobble saw United score twice in five minutes. Thank god we had a cushion for a change.”

“This league is poor (although highly competitive). It is made up of so many average similar teams. Only Wolves are the stand out team and they’re not quite running away with yet! We’ve seen virtually all the sides now and can anyone name a decent side? Same old story but Khan has missed a huge chance to go up this year. Those 3 decent signings we so badly needed in the summer and we would have been walking away with it. BTW great result considering but shows all our weaknesses again. Even with in old days with a decent team we never win at Sheff.Utd (especially Midweek).”

“We were clinging on for dear life at the end”

“The players all looked absolutely knackered, so many games in the Championship.”

“they all tried and put in some serious effort (excluding Fonte)
But that leaky defence !!
Nice club Sheff Utd though – family club  like us”

“Had a nose at a Sheffield Utd site to get an idea of how they perceived the game and pleased to read many positive comments on our play. “

“Fulham are the first team to score five at Sheffield United since Oldham did it in January 1988 – the Pet Shop Boys were at number one back then”


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